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Holiday Cheer: John Arcilla

JOHN Arcilla’s dogs eat pancit and dress up in holiday costumes.

During birth anniversaries and the holiday season, my staff and I usually cook special food for my pets: nine Toy Poodles, one Siberian Husky and a half-breed Belgian Malinois. They love apples and pears and, would you believe, pancit and Pinoy spaghetti! We dress them up in holiday getups, too. My aunts and friends in the United States frequently send packages of dog food and colorful costumes.

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Journey through ‘Wild Mexico’ on Animal Planet

Wild Mexico

Wild Mexico is a journey through an extraordinary land, full of diversity and mystery. Two thousand years ago, the Mexican wilderness was home to the mysterious Ancient Mayans. But the jungle has swallowed their cities and the forest has a new leader – the fearsome Jaguar. Also, meet the world’s only vegetarian spider, recently discovered and never filmed before.

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Cat lovers

Photo by Arnold Almacen

Teen star Janella Salvador and her mom Jenine Desiderio are cat lovers.

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Snakes, guinea pigs in PBB

“PINOY Big Brother”

From reader Elaine Viguilla (e-mail address withheld upon request):

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Mute but eloquent eyewitness


Television generally promotes and profits from encouraging and servicing viewers’ escapist proclivities. But, once in a bracing while, some shows confront us with harsh reality, pressuring us not to run away from it, but to try to do something to make it right.

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