Meet Tyrone Escalante, manager of Jane de Leon, Angel Guardian

Meet Tyronne Escalante, the manager of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian

/ 12:54 PM October 12, 2023

Tyronne Escalante of TEAM, the manager of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian

Tyronne Escalante of TEAM, the manager of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian

There is always an amazing manager behind an actor’s success. The manager has to be finely attuned to his talent’s strong points as well as to his weaker points. From there he calibrates and determines the appropriate projects for his artist.

It takes a manager to have an eye for talent himself. There is no question about that because it is the manager who ultimately does the advance planning, strategizing, and plotting of the career path for his actor. One such manager that stands out to me in recent memory is Tyronne Escalante. He is the man behind TEAM. which has become a hotbed for young, beautiful, classy, gorgeous, and talented aspiring and proven artists in showbiz.


It was only a matter of time then before I would reach out to Tyronne Escalante to understand more how he facilitates and orchestrates matters in his profession. What better time than now to get his thoughts, views, and answers on what it means for him that his top two actresses, Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian, have been cast and have completed filming for the highly anticipated sequel to the longest running horror franchise (“Shake, Rattle & Roll”) in Philippine cinema, “Shake, Rattle & Roll: Extreme” from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian are two of the main actresses in a big ensemble of stars that represent the present and the future.


Trust me when I say that specifically, Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian, represent the evolution of the local entertainment industry. In fact, their showbiz careers have grown immensely, reached new heights, and are beginning to realize their fullest potential, largely because of Tyronne Escalante.

Now, here is my proper interview with the manager and founder of his own artist management, T.E.A.M., regarding his top two female talents Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian being main cast members in the soon-to-be-released (only in cinemas) “Shake, Rattle & Roll: Extreme.”

1. You have handled many actresses since the time you became the head of your own artist management. What can you say are the standout qualities that Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian possess that differentiate them from all the past actresses you have managed? Qualities you believe that have led them to have successful showbiz careers.

Tyronne Escalante: From the very onset of their careers, Jane and Angel have been unwavering in their commitment to staying true to themselves and their roots. In an industry where it’s all too easy to adopt personas and masks, they’ve chosen a different path—a path illuminated by their authenticity. The authenticity that they possess endears them not only to fans but also to those fortunate enough to collaborate with them in the industry. What also truly sets Jane and Angel apart is their remarkable ability to maintain their humility and grounded nature despite their rising star status.

They’ve never forgotten the values instilled in them since day one, values that guide their interactions with colleagues, fans, and everyone they encounter on their journey. As their manager, it is also heartwarming to witness the genuine love and appreciation they hold for their management, the Tyronne Escalante Artist Management. Moreover, one of the hallmarks of their careers has been their consistent dedication to elevating their artistic prowess in every project they undertake. They don’t rest on their laurels; instead, they approach each new endeavor as an opportunity for growth and self-expression.

This commitment to continuous improvement is emblematic of their passion for the craft, and it’s a quality that keeps their work fresh and captivating. Jane’s creation of the “One Race for Filipino Foundation” alongside Angel’s dedication in saving stray pets also display their pure hearts. Their benevolence extends beyond the confines of the entertainment industry, enriching the lives of those they touch. Their generosity serves as a reminder that success, when coupled with a kind heart, has the power to bring positive change to the world.

2. Have you yourself experienced anything paranormal in real life? If you haven’t, would you want to?

Tyronne Escalante: Life often presents us with experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving us in awe of the mysteries that exist beyond our understanding. One such realm that has fascinated me throughout my life is the paranormal, and my journey into this intriguing world began through the eyes of my grandmother, a faith healer.


Growing up, my grandmother was a constant presence in my life. She possessed a remarkable gift—the ability to heal not only physical ailments but also the spiritual battles that some individuals faced. I was a witness to her extraordinary talents, observing her assist people who were possessed, plagued by sickness, or entangled in other spiritual conflicts. These were not merely stories or folklore; they were tangible experiences that unfolded before my very eyes. My grandmother’s ability to navigate the spiritual realm left an indelible mark on me.

Tyronne Escalante of TEAM, the manager of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian

Tyronne Escalante of TEAM, the manager of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian

It was through her that I first glimpsed the existence of a reality beyond our everyday perception. The encounters with the paranormal were not mere curiosities; they were profound and transformative, revealing the thin veil that separates our world from the mystical and the unknown. When I learned that Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian were cast in the latest installment of the iconic “Shake, Rattle, & Roll” franchise, my excitement knew no bounds. This legendary series has carved a special place within the hearts of Filipinos in the realm of Philippine cinema. For decades, it has been a cornerstone of horror storytelling, captivating audiences with its spine-tingling narratives.

3. As a manager, oftentimes, you can be compared to a “father figure” for your talents. What can you say have been your proudest moment with regard to managing the showbiz careers of Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian, respectively?

Tyronne Escalante: In the world of showbiz, it’s not uncommon for stars to rise quickly, basking in the limelight, only to lose themselves along the way. However, there are shining exceptions, and Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian are two such exceptions who have not only maintained their authenticity but have also continually impressed me with their remarkable qualities.

One of the things that makes me incredibly proud of both Jane and Angel is their unwavering humility and grounded nature. In an industry where fame can easily go to one’s head, they have remained down-to-earth. They remember where they came from, and this genuine humility is something I deeply admire. Furthermore, their independence is truly commendable. Jane, for instance, recently started her own YouTube channel, and what’s even more impressive is that she’s hands-on with all aspects of it. From content creation to technical details, Jane oversees it all. On the other hand, Angel showcases her independence by doing her own makeup on set and cultivating her unique fashion style. She’s not just a talent; she’s a creative force in her own right. Speaking of creativity, both Jane and Angel exude it effortlessly.

They think outside the box, bringing fresh and innovative perspectives to their craft. This creative spark is what sets them apart and keeps their work captivating. Moreover, their ability to adapt to current trends is remarkable. In an ever-evolving industry, being able to stay relevant is crucial. Jane and Angel have mastered this art, effortlessly incorporating the latest trends into their work. This adaptability makes them highly competitive and ensures their continued success.

4. How proud are you that Jane De Leon and Angel Guardian have been cast as the main stars in the newest installment of the longest-running horror franchise (Shake, Rattle & Roll) in Philippine cinema?

Tyronne Escalante: The news of Jane and Angel stepping into the spotlight in this iconic franchise fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride. It’s a momentous occasion that not only recognizes their exceptional talent but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft as artists. The journey to stardom is not always a smooth one; it’s marked by challenges, rejections, and moments of doubt. Yet, Jane and Angel have persevered, honing their craft, and earning their place in the spotlight. It’s a journey that’s as much about resilience and determination as it is about talent.

For the longest time, they’ve worked diligently in an industry teeming with great artists, sometimes finding themselves in the shadows of others. But now, the stage is set for them to shine brightly and showcase what they can offer to Philippine cinema. It’s a moment that’s been long-awaited, not just by them but by their dedicated fans who have followed their careers with enthusiasm. I have no doubt that through the characters they will be portraying in “Shake, Rattle, & Roll Extreme” we will see Jane and Angel in a new light. Their talent and versatility will undoubtedly breathe life into the narratives, making the stories come alive on the screen. It’s a thrilling prospect to witness how they will embody these roles and leave an indelible mark on this project.

5. What is your favorite Shake, Rattle & Roll movie? Why is it your favorite?

Tyronne Escalante: For decades, “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” horror anthology has thrilled audiences with its spine-tingling tales, each one leaving an indelible mark on the viewer. While each episode possesses its unique storyline, there’s one that stands out prominently in my memory—the YAYA episode. The YAYA episode of “Shake, Rattle, & Roll” stands as a masterpiece of storytelling. It reminds us that horror isn’t just about jump scares and monsters; it’s about tapping into our deepest fears and anxieties.

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In a society where parents often need to seek the assistance of nannies or caregivers, the YAYA episode brings this fear to the forefront. It paints a chilling picture of the vulnerability that accompanies such reliance on others, especially when the narrative takes a paranormal turn. In here, we’re reminded that the world can be a mysterious and unpredictable place, and entrusting a stranger with our child’s care is not a decision to be taken lightly. This episode also serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between trust and skepticism, especially when it involves the safety of our loved ones.

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