Eraserheads fans lament ticket prices for reunion concert: ‘Kulang ang dala kong pera’


Eraserheads. Image: Instagram/@elybumbilya

Eraserheads’ fans expressed disappointment over the price of tickets for the OPM band’s upcoming reunion concert, with some saying it is not “maka-masa” (for the masses).

The band released the official ticket pricing for its December concert via the event’s official Facebook page yesterday, Oct. 3. Ticket prices range from P3,050 for the lowest-tiered section bronze tickets to P17, 260 for the mosh pit section.

Given this, netizens on Twitter quoted lyrics from Eraserheads’ various songs as they lamented the “expensive” ticket prices.

“When Eheads said, ‘Sana’y hindi nakita, sana’y walang problema, ‘pagkat kulang ang dala kong pera,’ I felt that. Ang mahal ng Eheads concert,” one @ishamaebrbn said, quoting the song “Magasin.”

(When [Eraserheads] said, “I wish I did not see / I wish I did not have a problem / because I did not bring enough money” I felt that. The [tickets to the Eraserheads] concert are expensive.)

“Enebeyen [Eraserheads] akala ko makakapanood na ako for the last time,” another netizen, @Player0420, told the band while also quoting “Magasin.” (Goodness, Eraserheads, I thought I could watch for the last time.)

“Imagine [Eraserheads] playing ‘Para sa Masa’ pero yung ticket nila hindi pang-masa,” one @NieceNodo stated, referring to the band’s 1990s track. (Imagine Eraserheads playing “Para sa Masa” [For the Masses], but their tickets are not for the masses.)

Fans on Facebook were not pleased with the pricing as well, as they also aired their frustrations on the band’s announcement about the concert tickets.

“Akala ko sa lahat ng masa, sa lahat ng burgis pala,” one Jerson Cristobal lamented. (I thought [this was] for the masses, apparently it was for the bourgeois.)

“Nasa acceptance stage na po ako,” another netizen, Emmanuel Arriola Verana, joked. (I am now on the acceptance stage [of grief].)

Image: Facebook/Huling El Bimbo

Despite complaints from some, other fans defended Eraserheads and said that the band “deserves” to put high price tags on their concert tickets.

“[Eraserheads] ticket prices are just right. It’s a reunion concert by an iconic band with only 50,000 tickets to be sold to millions of fan. We still have two days to think whether you’ll take this once in a blue moon chance or let it pass,” one @Khrysh_MDD pointed out.

“Medyo wrong din ‘yung reaction sa EHeads reunion ticket prices na ‘International artists yarn?'” another netizen, @nicoquejano, called out fellow fans. “I think deserve din naman ng Filipino musicians maningil ng malaki. Lalo na if they earned it.”

(It is quite wrong for netizens to react to [Eraserheads] reunion ticket prices by saying, “Are you international artists?” I think Filipino musicians deserve to ask for more money. Especially if they earned it.)

The concert, titled “Huling El Bimbo,” is set to be staged on Dec. 22 at SMDC Festival Grounds.

While many fans are excited to see the band perform again onstage, some are not as thrilled for the show to push through amid domestic-abuse allegations against Eraserheads guitarist Marcus Adoro. However, former bandmates Ely Buendia and Raymund Marasigan have already spoken up on the issue.

Buendia revealed that he only agreed to doing the reunion concert if Adoro could “resolve his issues,” while Marasigan expressed hope that the matter would be resolved soon.  /ra


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