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Alexa Miro and Rob Gomez: My exclusive interview with the perfect pair onscreen

/ 01:24 PM February 27, 2022

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Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network

Lightning strikes every so often and sporadically when it comes to the world of showbiz; that proverbial “catching lightning in a bottle” as best said by Rob Gomez during my exclusive interview with him and Alexa Miro is when the two right actors have been seemingly brought together by destiny. Inexplicable but palpable electric chemistry exists between them that translates onscreen. And that exactly is what makes them a perfect pair.

In this day and age in showbiz, that perfect pairing is very rare and extremely hard to stumble upon, especially in this industry that churns over artists so fast that their names cannot even be recalled or recognized at all. Unless you are a complete package of an artist, expect your dream to make it remain to be a dream. But when that “lightning strike” does happen, right away you know it is something special because perfect pairings like this wherein both said young actors are a complete package of an artist have not happened in more than a decade. So, here comes, without bidding, Rob Gomez and Alexa Miro! They bring the best out of each other and most of all, they are good for each other.


The onscreen pairing of Gomez and Miro is a miraculous happenstance in its own right. They are two young actors who are as complementary to each other as any two young actors of the opposite sex can be. Gomez and Miro are a rarity because they have the intangibles, they have that ever-elusive it factor and when paired together there is magic between them that is strong enough to make the hair on the back of your neck and arms stand. Yes, there is electricity between them.


Here are two young actors who belong to the rarest breed of actors I can think of, and that is, they were born having the special DNA in their bloodstream! Indeed, as I said in my exclusive interview with them that was done last Friday afternoon: “Both of the actors you see right now have the intangibles, the ‘it factor’! You can’t produce that! You can’t coach that! You can’t teach that! You are either born with it or you just don’t have it.”

The on-screen pairing of Gomez and Miro is so unique, refreshing, exciting, different and stands out because they are also a throwback to the 1990s era of pop culture in the United States when it comes to mainstream movies. For me, Gomez reminds me of a Matt Dillon or Christian Slater. And Miro reminds me of a Winona Ryder. Both of them being very reminiscent of that awesome decade in showbiz both foreign and local is one significant reason Gomez and Miro as an onscreen couple stand above the throng. They are a reminder that said era to this day had some of the most good-looking, brilliant and talented actors ever. In the future, I do see the names of Gomez and Miro being brought up and fondly remembered the same way that many of us still remember with great fondness the ’90s. Indeed, Rob Gomez and Alexa Miro scream that time with swagger, vibe, aura, charm, looks, intensity and intelligence. They’ve got it all!

In my 12 years of being an elite entertainment columnist, it is my very first time to have witnessed for myself the combined magic, electricity and chemistry that exists between two actors. They are namely, no other than Gomez and Miro. It was amazing!

Today, later this afternoon, at 4:35 p.m. at GMA Network, we all can watch the magic that exists between Rob Gomez and Alexa Miro as they are the headline stars for the newest episode of “Regal Studio Presents: Messy Thing Called Love.” Watch the perfect pair onscreen.

I experienced goosebumps a couple of times as I was conducting my proper interview with them. Now, below, here is my very exclusive interview with the pair.

Alexa Miro 1

Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network

This upcoming episode of “Regal Studio Presents” entitled “Messy Thing Called Love” is a sexy romantic comedy. What do you find so naturally funny and hilarious about each other that made the taping for this episode a breeze and a delight? Can you elaborate a bit?


Alexa Miro: It’s not easy to form love teams; it’s a hit and miss. But with Rob, on our very first project, we already felt that [connection] and the people that we work with. So, what I find naturally thrilling or funny about Rob… I guess it has something to do with how close we are in real life. Nothing is forced between us whether it be teasing or flirting, or being sweet or whatever. We naturally just click really and we can’t explain why. Rob is a funny guy. He’s very caring and we joke around with each other a lot. We enjoy teasing each other. We love doing it off cam. We bully each other. So, it’s really nice to see that [connection] onscreen also. All that made it a breeze.

Rob Gomez: She’s contagious. Even though we haven’t seen each other for a long time, when we were on the set, it felt comfortable. I guess the funny part is that we’re comfortable when we’re together but not that close when we are apart. It’s like Zeus throwing a lightning bolt that can’t be contained in a bottle.

When you hear the name of the other, what strikingly unique and appealing quality or qualities immediately come to your mind that you, instinctively, without thinking hard, will always connect to?

Alexa Miro: Irresistable. Yes, yes. Like you try to resist the guy or try not to think about whatever… if he’s there in front of you, or when you hear the name Rob Gomez, he’s irresistible. He’s like a magnet and you’re automatically drawn to him. Also, when I hear the name, Rob Gomez… if it has nothing to do with me but it has to do with him… I would say that he, as an actor, has such great potential. I already know that anything he wants to do as an actor will come true. He has that drive. He has that passion. And Rob Gomez, I see him becoming an action star, a boy-next-door, and can be kinda like Johnny Depp.

Rob Gomez: I wish she could be in front of me so I can tell her personally. I got to meet Alexa on a different level. I met her mom. Her mom is lovely. So I guess, I see her in the same way. She’s lovely. Alexa is lovely as a woman! She’s graceful. She doesn’t eat that much, though. Ever since. I always try to feed her. I always try to ask her to eat. That girl is always hungry but she doesn’t eat much. She has that sparkle in the background when I see her walking. I see her there, in the backdrop, the sparkle.

Just for fun — and maybe for real, why not? — in a ranking of top five, were Rob Gomez to court you, where does he stand?

Alexa Miro: If we were not to consider everything that’s happening in real life, as in dreamland only,
five. Oh, you mean, one being the highest? Number one.

Again, just for fun — and maybe for real, right? — in a ranking of top five, where does Miss Alexa stand, if you are looking on the horizon and thinking of a future romantic partner?

Rob Gomez: I would rank Alexa number one, too. I told her, I told her before that I think she’s really cute. But it’s a showbiz life. But I guess, I dunno. If the wind blows, the wind blows.

Rob Gomez 4

Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network

If you could star in an entirely different movie genre of your choosing to be produced by Regal, what movie genre would you want it to be?

Alexa Miro: I would want to star in a movie whose genre is psycho-thriller-horror. It’s been my dream genre ever since I was a kid. I don’t know if I am weird that way but as soon as I was 8 years old, I watched “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the movies of Hannibal Lecter who was portrayed by award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins. And I have watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” also “Split.” And now, I am leaning towards more psychological thrillers because they’re more mind-boggling. I am a thrill seeker myself. I like anything that’s a mystery, that keeps me guessing. And there’s a little surprise towards the end. So, Regal, hello! Mother Lily and Tita Roselle. I hope to have a psycho-thriller-horror project with them. Maybe tackling mental health issues. Something like that but still a relevant movie, as much as we would want to entertain.

Rob Gomez: I would pick period movies. I prefer period movies, yeah! I love culture, I love history! If you talk about something political? There always has to be action. Of course, in a film, there has to be some drama. Well, yeah! Period genre is the type of movie I would pick next. Informative, real and kind of grungy. But our cinema now, we have no appreciation for it. But this is something we witnessed when we went to the CCP to watch director Erik Matti’s “On the Job: The Missing 8.” And, sir John Arcilla won the Volpi Cup, so that for me is amazing, so, then he said at the start of his acceptance speech, he was like: “So, you saw the film, so what are you gonna do?” I was like, “Whoow! Intense!” I was stunned. I want to get a chance to do that. I would want to leave moviegoers something, not just to make them feel confused or sad, but to leave them something.

If you were to star in a movie together, what storyline/theme would you want it to be? What role/character would you want Rob/Alexa to play?

Alexa Miro: I think I would like to star in a movie with Rob Gomez who will portray my husband and one of us has a mental health issue. That would probably be me. It is my dream role, I don’t know what it would be called, but basically, it is like “Shutter Island.” It’s something like that. In the movie, I want Rob Gomez [to] be my husband who has been trying to help me through the process of reliving my fantasies in my head because he loves me so much. And he just wants me to get better eventually. He’s praying for me to get better eventually… [But] I have to go through it to relive that fantasy all over in my head again, and he has to cope with that. Make up the story with him as we go along because that would be so painful and hard for him that we would grow old like that. However, he is still not giving up. It would be a mix of “Shutter Island” and “The Notebook.” Right? And “Shutter Island” is a psychological thriller and “The Notebook” is a classic love story that is very well written, very well executed… The movie that I would want to star in with Rob Gomez that would be produced by Regal will be heartbreaking, riveting and will take you through a whole range of emotions. And in the end, you will be left hanging on to your seat and waiting to see what is going to happen, if we will make it through together in the end. Or we don’t? It would feel great! I am actually getting chills imagining us portraying that movie together, and that for sure will challenge us and give us a chance to win the best actor and best actress awards.

Rob Gomez: Same film. When she said it, it immediately entered my mind. Since we had an ensemble film in “A Girl + A Guy,” I was thinking something like a stuck-in-an-island vibe. No community, something like that, you know. It’s just you two dealing with whatever problems that might come up… insecurities, delusions, illusions. You know, crushing hopes, you’re going to live or you’re going to die. If we are going to fall in love with each other again? Or do we end up fighting each other again? Something like that. Actually, I would want it to be a mix of both. You know there is intensive roughness, sentimental it would be, but insightful. Yeah, I would love a theme like that, but I would like my character to be more on the silent side, but I am approachable. Like the character I did here in “Messy Thing Called Love” which is a bit [introverted] but inspiring. And, I would want the character that Alexa Miro portrays to be blonde. I would want her to be blonde, but yeah! She would be an Alexa Miro that is blonde. A blonde Fiona, if you will. So, there, sir Joseph.


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