Showbiz Roundup: Isko Moreno joins ‘Eat Bulaga,’ ‘It’s Showtime’s’ airtime adjustment on TV5, TVJ vs TAPE Inc.’s ongoing saga

Showbiz Roundup: Isko Moreno joins ‘Eat Bulaga’; ‘It’s Showtime’ adjusts airtime on TV5; TAPE vs TVJ saga

/ 10:59 AM June 18, 2023

(From left) Isko Moreno, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, "It's Showtime" cast, Jon Jalosjos, Bullet Jalosjos. FILE PHOTOS

(From left) Isko Moreno, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, “It’s Showtime” cast, Jon Jalosjos, Bullet Jalosjos. FILE PHOTOS

The tussle over the fate of “Eat Bulaga” (EB) is far from over, as former Manila mayor Isko Moreno was revealed as one of the hosts of the updated show, while Tito Sotto, one of the original hosts, claimed he has no idea about former noontime rival “It’s Showtime” being bumped off TV5’s noontime slot.

Meanwhile, Allan K reaffirmed his loyalty to Tito and Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (TVJ) by denying claims that TAPE Inc.’s executives were banned from entering the former EB hosts’ dressing room — which happened on the day they cut off ties from the production company.


On the other hand, Fernando Carrillo revealed his past “date” with broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, as “It’s Showtime” hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis earned the ire of netizens after their “naniningil” remarks against P-pop global sensation SB19. These stories make up the top of’s entertainment news from June 9 to 15.


Isko Moreno joins ‘Eat Bulaga’

Isko Moreno

Isko Moreno and Paolo Contis. Image: screengrab from Facebook/Eat Bulaga Na

In a sudden turn of events, former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno was announced to be the latest addition to the set of hosts of the new “Eat Bulaga” on GMA.

Moreno joined the show hosts in a June 10 episode, which was streamed live via the noontime show’s new Facebook page Eat Bulaga Na. The revamped “Eat Bulaga” also marked its first week on-air after the departure of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.


“Congratulations to us, nakaisang linggo tayo,” show host Paolo Contis said during the closing spiel. “Lahat ng pagod, lahat ng effort na araw-araw makasama namin kayo, lahat ng pang-aalipusta, pangba-bash, lahat ng pagmumura sa amin ng mga tao—lahat po ‘yan ay inspirasyon namin to do better.”

Contis expressed his gratitude to their supporters as well as the show’s staff, who became emotional as the actor-TV host acknowledged them for their hard work. Contis also stressed that the staff do not deserve the bashing they have been receiving, adding that the public should just instead aim their hate toward him.

Moreno then seemingly noted how the current “Eat Bulaga” brouhaha is similar to an end of a long-term relationship between two people, each with their own “hugot” (sentiment). He further said that it is “normal” and that what matters to them the most is the support from the fans.

Contis then butted in and asked, “Ang dami mong sinasabi, Yorme. Ikaw ba, nandito ka sa Lunes?”

“Kailangan pa ba i-memorize ‘yan?” Moreno answered, eliciting cheers from fellow hosts and the audience.

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‘It’s Showtime’ bumped off

Tito Sotto

Tito Sotto. Image: screengrab from YouTube/One PH

Tito Sotto clarified that he, nor fellow hosts Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon that make up the original Eat Bulaga triumvirate have no involvement in the talks regarding the apparent adjustment of the noontime run of “It’s Showtime” on TV5 to make way for the trio’s new show.

Tito spoke about the recent transfer of TVJ to TV5, which he regards as a “new chapter” for them, in an interview for “Cristy Ferminute” last June 7.

“Kami ay nagagalak at natutuwa na magkakaroon kami ng bagong chapter ng aming mga showbiz careers, at magkakaroon din kami ng bagong kombinasyon na sinasabi ni Pareng Joey na…pang-Kapatid na, pang-Dabarkads pa. Galing daw kay Gretchen Ho ‘yon,” Tito said, referring to the TV5 broadcaster.

When asked what made the trio decide to choose TV5 as their new home, Tito revealed, “Napakaganda po ng kanilang mga offer.”

Tito further said that they still have no date for the launch of their new show but noted that they will be returning on-air “as soon as possible.” He added that given the preparations that still need to be done, they might be able to launch their show in the first week of July.

Tito was then asked by Fermin what will happen to “It’s Showtime” which currently holds the noontime slot on TV5.

“Ay hindi po kami nakikialam sa usapin na ‘yon,” he responded. “Ang istasyon po ang bahala pagdating do’n sa airtime at sila na ang didiskarte kung papaano po ang gagawin. Hindi po kami nakikialam do’n sa parte na ‘yon.”

The former Senate president then pointed out that despite everything that has happened, they are very happy because of the support they have been receiving, especially from the several networks that offered to be their new home.

Tito also touched on the topic of the “Eat Bulaga” copyright, saying they are aiming to use the title as the name of their new TV5 show.

“‘Yan ang nilalakad namin ngayon sapagkat naniniwala kami na ang history at ang mga batas ay nakakampi sa amin,” he said. “Kami ay sumasandal sa batas, sa katotohanan at sa kasaysayan, kaya alam namin na kami ang nagmamay-ari ng title na ‘Eat Bulaga.’”

Tito then let out a chuckle after he was asked if he has watched GMA’s “Eat Bulaga” episodes with its new set of hosts. “Hindi, hindi ako nakakapanood. ‘Di ako nanonood,” he said.

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Allan K says no dressing room drama

Allan K

Allan K. Image: Instagram/@allan_klownz

Allan K, one of the original “Eat Bulaga” mainstays, refuted claims that TAPE executives were denied access to the hosts’ dressing room, stressing that he could not recall an instance that such happened.

It can be recalled that current TAPE president Jon Jalosjos earlier had an exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, in which he narrated what apparently happened in the studio before the announcement of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon (TVJ) of their disengagement from the production company.

Jon said that her sister Soraya, who was at the studio at the time, had already heard talks that TVJ “would do something live.” Jon then told Soraya to go to the hosts’ dressing room, but she was apparently “not allowed to go inside.” According to Jon, this prompted them to forbid the hosts from airing live episodes.

Allan then spoke up about these claims through an interview with entertainment reporter MJ Marfori for “One Balita Pilipinas” last June 8. Aside from Allan, also present in the interview were fellow hosts Ryan Agoncillo, Ryzza Mae Dizon and Carren Eistrup.

“Maybe that [instance] na naka-lock [‘yung pinto]. Siguro ‘yun ‘yung nagpe-pray kami or I don’t know. I have no idea kung kailan nangyari ‘yon na hindi pinapapasok,” Allan K said.

Agoncillo likewise noted that everyone could go in and out of their dressing room.

“As far as I’m concerned, as far as the Dabarkads are concerned, communal nga ‘yung dressing room namin actually,” he said. “So I have no idea about who’s getting locked out or not, but as far as I know lagusan ang aming makeup room.”

Allan, who said they are currently “jobless,” also clarified during the interview that he “never considered” staying with TAPE without TVJ.

“Never ko kinonsider ‘yung thought na mag-stay. I was born in the Year of the Dog so I have this sense of loyalty,” he told Marfori. “Kung saan pupunta ‘yung boss ko, susunod ako with wagging tail pa ‘yon.”

Allan also noted that they have already “moved on” from parting ways with TAPE as he said, “Wala e, nangyari e.”

TVJ along with other “Eat Bulaga” hosts announced their departure from TAPE last May 31. The hosts’ transfer to TV5 was then confirmed on June 7.

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Fernando Carrillo and Korina Sanchez’s date

Fernando Carillo. Image: Screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

Fernando Carillo. Image: Screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, best known as Fernando Jose in “Rosalinda,” dropped a little bombshell when he admitted to “dating” broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez in the past.

During a June 8 episode of afternoon talk show “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Carrillo was asked if he has ever fallen in love with a Filipina before, to which the Latino actor answered in the negative, though he admitted to always having been captivated by Filipina beauties.

“I don’t think I (have fallen) in love [with a Filipina], but I’ve always been attracted to the beauty of the Filipino women,” he said. “And I’ve met some very beautiful women, and I keep meeting beautiful women.”

When host Boy Abunda asked him if he ever dated a Filipino woman in the past, Carrillo admitted that he went out with Sanchez with some friends. Sanchez is now married to former Senator and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, with whom she shared twins.

“It depends on what ‘date’ means, but I went to dinner with a very smart Filipino. Can I say who it was? Or are we going to get in trouble,” he said. “I have huge respect for Korina Sanchez. She’s a good friend, and I respect her very much.”

While he didn’t disclose further details about their dinner, he shared that it happened during his past visit in the country.

“We did an amazing interview once upon a time in Miami, and then I came to the Philippines once. And we went to have dinner with some friends. [Maybe that], we can call it a date. But she’s a dear friend whom I respect and I admire very much,” said Carillo, who is now married to a woman from Colombia.

Carrillo also revealed in the same interview that he’s currently in the Philippines for endorsements and to launch a reality show that aims to create a co-ed singing group.

The actor gained widespread popularity after starring with Mexican superstar Thalia in the 1999 Mexican telenovela “Rosalinda,” where the former’s character is a man of social stature. It was then remade in the Philippines in 2009, with Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann taking on the roles of Rosalinda and Fernando Jose, respectively.

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Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis draw flak after ‘naniningil’ remark vs SB19

(From left) Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, SB19. Images: Facebook/Gandang Gabi Vice, Instagram/@sb19official

(From left) Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, SB19. Images: Facebook/Gandang Gabi Vice, Instagram/@sb19official

“Respect local artists” became a trending topic on Twitter as fans of P-pop boy group SB19 defend the “Bazinga” hitmakers after some “It’s Showtime” hosts claimed that the group has begun requiring payment for playing their music.

During the June 10 program of “It’s Showtime,” a contestant on the “Isip Bata” segment requested to dance to SB19’s “Gento,” which he was supposed to perform with host Jhong Hilario.

While the pair waited for the music to play, the contestant and the host were told—presumably by a staff member—that they could not play the song. Vice Ganda commented in a rather jocular manner, “Naningil na sila, naningil na.”

Curtis, who seemed surprised by the staff’s instruction, asked, “Talaga? Hindi ba good promo ‘yun [playing the song on the show] for the music industry? May gano’n [fee for playing a song on the show] na pala? Sayang.”

Moments after the episode, the hashtag “respect local artists” trended on Twitter in defense of SB19, with singer Sam Concepcion also commenting that artists deserved to be paid their dues.

SonoSuite, a platform for record labels and music distributors, defined music royalty as “payment made to rights holders, including songwriters, recording artists, and intermediaries like labels, publishers, or producers for the licensed use of their work,” which is generated depending on the type of usage and licensing.

Thyro Alfaro, one of the winners of the 2020 Awit Awards, also registered his surprise that some people are unaware that they are supposed to pay for using artists’ music.

Concepcion, and songwriter and former Neocolours vocalist Ito Rapadas also chimed in on Alfaro’s post, saying the “It’s Showtime” hosts may have been talking about something else other than music when they spoke about copyright.

One user shared that while they understand the need for the show to be upfront about the fact that they can no longer play the song, “it should have been followed with a good enough explanation,” and not just [that] the group is already asking for a fee. “That sounded like ‘royalty fee’ wasn’t a thing,” the netizen said.

Another user gave the hosts’ words the benefit of the doubt, claiming, “The intention might have been innocent, but the words that came out of them are a little careless since it gave SB19’s bashers a chance to attack the group.”

They added, “It’s on national TV hence it’s the hosts’ responsibility to carefully watch what they’re saying. Context was missing.”

Meanwhile, some users defended the “It’s Showtime” hosts with one sharing that they found the hosts’ comments “harmless.” “To think na these BIG artists [the “It’s Showtime” hosts] are promoting the group from time to time, I don’t think they’re putting them on a bad light,” the user said.

Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin debuted as members of SB19 in October 2018. They recently released their second EP “Pagtatag” which revolves around “strengthening their foundation” as a group.” EDV

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