LOOK: Kris Aquino visited by ‘Kris TV’ sidekick Darla Sauler in US

Kris Aquino, Bimby, Darla

Darla Sauler (second from left) visits Kris Aquino and her son Bimby. Image: Instagram/@darla

Kris Aquino reunited with her former “Kris TV” sidekick and head writer Darla Sauler in the United States, where she extended her stay for medical treatments.

During their reunion, Aquino can be seen sitting on a bed with her son Bimby to her left and Sauler on her right, as seen on Sauler’s Instagram page yesterday, Nov. 30

“You always make time for family. Happy to visit and catch up with you and the kids while you’re in the US, Krisy. Continuously praying for your well-being,” Sauler told Aquino. “Love, love, love you, Bimb and Kuya [Josh Aquino] always, @krisaquino.”

This is not the first time Sauler and Aquino met over the past months. Back in April, when Aquino was still staying in the Philippines, Sauler met with the Queen of All Media after almost three years.

At the time, Sauler recalled that Aquino treated her like a friend and part of her family while they were working together. The TV writer also expressed hope that Aquino will recover from her illnesses and asked for the public’s prayer for the actress’ health.

Aquino revealed late last month that she was to begin what could possibly be at least 18 moths of diagnosis and treatment, as she signed up with a hospital’s center for those with rare and undiagnosed illnesses. She added that her doctors considered her a “challenge” because of her various allergies and adverse reactions to medication, but she continues to endure treatments for her the sake of her sons.  /ra


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