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Christian Bables, Faith Da Silva, Carlo San Juan share interesting trivia on their personal and professional lives

/ 03:54 PM January 23, 2022

Faith Da Silva, Christian Bables and Carlo San Juan

Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network

Multi-awarded actor Christian Bables, GMA Network Kapuso actress Faith Da Silva, and GMA Network Artist Center talent Carlo San Juan are the stars in the newest episode of “Regal Studio Presents” entitled “My Boyfriend’s Romance” today at 4:35 p.m. at GMA Network.

I had the opportunity to interview them a couple of days ago and ask some questions. Their answers below will give their fans and followers some interesting trivia that touch on their personal and professional lives.


So, here we go:


What is the newest thing you have learned or discovered about yourself since you entered show biz? For instance, if you were a sleepyhead before, you now have to be mentally alert regardless of the late hours of tapings, etc.

Christian Bables: I guess the greatest learning I got since I entered the business is to intelligently choose my battles. There will be a lot of negativities that surround us actors but I have learned to be selective with what will affect my thoughts and my feelings. At the end of the day, I am just a human being who gets hurt. You cannot control others’ opinions and what they say about you and neither do you have a say in how they wish to deal with you. But you can control how you react to them. So, that is my greatest takeaway in entering this industry.

Faith Da Silva: One thing I’ve discovered for myself is this. If you want to do something or when you choose a profession, it has to be something you really love. Because in this business, we can work up to eight hours or even more than that. You can’t do something you don’t love. You can’t work just for the money. When I started in show business, I really did not know much. I was not sure if I really wanted to do it but since I strive for it, I really studied, I think it’s okay with me. I think I have really learned to love acting and my craft.

Carlo San Juan: I have discovered that I also have a competitive nature. And for me, that’s a good thing. I am quite competitive and I have learned to be on time when it comes to taping, memorizing my script well, and stuff like that. During the taping, I have to be full of energy and give my all wholeheartedly. I saw my competitive side when I entered showbiz.

In order of importance to you, what are the top three values you live by in your personal and professional life? Why are these values important for you?

Christian Bables: I will have to say that, always, my number one value is this: stay intact with your core. In whatever direction you go, your core [values] will be your foundation. It will give you the strength to carry on and hurdle all obstacles. Never forget who you are as a person. Secondly, do not distance yourself from God. You and your relationship with God, whichever God you follow, will be your anchor. Number three, no one can tell you who you are except yourself and your God. So, don’t let outside forces affect you. Personally, I do not like to be swayed by standards forced on me by those around me. Where I am happy, where I am comfortable, and where I can appease my heart and my mind, that’s where I shall always be.


Faith Da Silva: The first one is to trust the Lord God. If you have that relationship with God, you can find yourself. You will not have a difficult time dealing with different people because you know that everything that you do comes from a good place. You know that you are pure. My second one is to relax. Take everything day by day because most of us think of so many things. I am an overthinker myself. And most of the time, I cannot live my life because I am living in my thoughts. So many thoughts enter my mind that I forget that life is just out there. I have such a beautiful life that I can just go out and make myself happy by doing small things in life. For the third one, this is what I always say: live your best life intentionally. Because a lot of us have different ways to make ourselves happy and content but some of us are very self-destructive. Like I said earlier, there are many ways to make ourselves happy. As for me, I like walking outside. I just like to experience being outdoors, take a stroll and feel the breeze, see the trees, and [to be] moving. These are the values I have, to live a happy and healthy life.

Carlo San Juan: For me, the very first one is my relationship with God. He is the one who put us in the world and we don’t know what the future holds for us. Secondly, we should always be humble and be kind to others no matter what their position in life might be because we don’t know what they are going through. Your simple acts of kindness will ease their burden and somehow lift the weight off of their shoulders. The third one is this: always give your best because if give your best, you will not regret anything in the future. You will not be burdened with thoughts of “what ifs,” like having to ask yourself later on: “Did I do my best? Did I give it my all?” That is why I always do my best in all that I do.

If you can only have three dishes for the rest of your life, what will you choose?

Christian Bables: Pasta, pasta, pasta! I really love pasta. I guess I can eat that for the rest of my life. Everyday. So, there. Pasta, pasta, pasta.

Faith Da Silva: Oh, wow! Christian and I love the same thing. Pasta. As Pinoys, we are used to having rice and viands. But in my household, I am not fond of rice and viands. As a kid, I would have pasta and bread. So, the three dishes for me are pasta with bread, kare-kare cooked by my mom, and lean meat.

Carlo San Juan: All those around me know what I love best. Number one is menudo cooked by mama. Number two is adobo by mama. Number three is sinigang by mama. All that mama cooks, I can eat, even every day. Those are the top three for me.

Name the song that you identify the most with.

Christian Bables: None, in particular. But now, what calms me is “Leaves” by Ben&Ben. Because the lyrics are so nice: “Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees. And all will be alright in time…” Very comforting for me. Every time I feel anxious now, and with everything that’s happening now, that song calms me down.

Faith Da Silva: I don’t know if anyone of you has watched “Encanto.” Anyway, that movie is so good and you can pick up a lot of lessons from it. Its soundtrack is also so good. So, my favorite now is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Carlo San Juan: For me, “Someone To You” by Banners because it’s so uplifting. Sometimes, I play it in the mornings. Its first line is “I don’t want to die to fade away, I want to be someone…” Listening to it makes me look forward to the day, wanting to give my best.

If you could date any foreign celebrity, who would it be and why?

Christian Bables: Scarlett Johansson. If there is one celebrity crush I have, it is Scarlett Johansson. I feel delighted when a woman is empowered.

Faith Da Silva: Timothee Chalamet. He’s such a good actor, very good-looking, [and] he’s French.

Carlo San Juan: It would be a singer Ariana Grande. I find her to be a terrific singer, effortlessly. She has such a sexy voice, too. She’s amazing. My favorite song of hers is “Beauty and the Beast.”


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