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Macoy Dubs to let ‘Aunt Julie’ rest for now over cancel culture woes

/ 11:23 AM August 22, 2020

Macoy Dubs

Macoy Dubs dons his famous pearls as Aunt Julie. Image: Facebook/@hellomacoy

Internet star Mark Averilla, known as Macoy Dubs on the internet, will be taking a break from his famous “Aunt Julie” persona for now due to cancel culture.

Averilla, famous for his hilarious skits parodying everything from neighborhood gossips to grumpy government workers, had been uploading “Aunt Julie” content before he got “canceled” by some netizens.


He took to Twitter yesterday, Aug. 21, to announce the unfortunate news to fans, although he assured them that he will never stop making content.


“This is Macoy Dubs, but you can call me Aunt Julie. But definitely, they don’t want Aunt Julie anymore, they want Macoy Dubs to go back to dubbing,” the content creator said as he took off the iconic pearls of the famous Povedan “tita.”

“So okay, but hindi ako titigil (I will not stop). I’m just here to create content, diba (right)? Ang dami nang problema ng earth (Earth has so many problems already], why do you guys want to cancel good vibes? I mean, I don’t get you people,” Averilla stressed.

Averilla then emphasized in a follow-up tweet that “Aunt Julie will be back and will just take care of herself.”

To “cancel” someone, in the context of the modern “cancel culture,” is to stop supporting a public persona by boycotting their content, as defined by the online Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Averilla initially noted that his latest “Aunt Julie” video might be the last of the series, stressing that it saddens him because he just wants to entertain people through his videos.


“[But] just like the dubs I did before, [people] will still hate you. [Aunt Julie] can’t please everyone,” he said in another tweet.

[Macoy Dubs] will stay.. those who are cancelling julie are the same ppl who cancelled [Macoy Dubs] way back [April] 2019,” Averilla shared in the following post. “[How] dare you guys. You’re the reason [for] my depression and I came back earlier this year but still ganyan.”

After fans and celebrities alike showed their love and support for the internet star, Averilla expressed how grateful he is and promised to return to making more content after the much-needed break.

“Sobrang salamat sa inyong lahat and sa love na in-express ninyo sa akin or kay Auntie Julie. Gusto ko lang rin na malaman ninyo na hindi ako titigil sa paggawa ng content as long as mas marami kayong natutuwa,” Averilla said in one tweet.

(Thank you very much to you all for the love you expressed to me or to Aunt Julie. I just want you to know that I will never stop making content as long as I can make many of you happy.)

“Babalik si Aunt Julie. Rest lang muna siya. At ako rin as Macoy (Aunt Julie will return. She just needs to rest for now. And me as Macoy as well),” he added.

“But before I sleep I just want to say that you paid trolls should get a life. Don’t [threaten] Auntie Julie neither Macoy Dubs,” Averilla further stated in the following tweet.

Actress Agot Isidro, a fan of Averilla, meanwhile, took to her Twitter account also yesterday to tell people to “lighten up” as she defended the content creator.

“May ganun (Is this real)??? Guys, there are very few things that can lighten the load these days at ika-cancel niyo pa yun (and you are still going to cancel that)?” Isidro stressed.

“I love Aunt Julie and I looove Macky Dubs. [heart emoji] sending you love @macoydubs1,” she added.

Musician and Twitter star Frankie Pangilinan likewise defended Averilla, tweeting, “let people make what they want to make and like what they want to like there’s so little real joy left for everyone wtf is wrong [with] y’all.”

“[I’m] so mad at y’all for hurting [Aunt Julie] like that why couldn’t [you] just let us be happy,” she added in another tweet.

Averilla was among the social media stars, collectively known as the “Concerned Online Citizens,” who filed a petition against the controversial anti-terror law in late July.  /ra


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