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My ‘predictions’ for 2014

/ 12:46 PM December 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus. AP FILE PHOTO

Miley Cyrus will continue to push  the envelope even more in her edginess and her risque live performances onstage. There is nothing, it seems, that Miley will not do to prove a point and make a statement. Whether her fans will be more pleased with what might be her next actions is not her issue.

What is a virtual guaranty is that she will get the reaction she wants from people.


Miley will remain to be one of the most controversial and talked about artists in 2014.



Lady Gaga will continue to fade into obscurity and become even more of yesterday’s news!

People just got so used to all her craziness and eccentricities that instead of them finding her antics even more shocking which she had planned and hoped would keep her in the news, all of her actions instead became her “norm” and she has now become predictable and boring.

Given the way she has promoted herself and the outlandish public images she tried to continually portray to her fans, I believe to be viewed as normal was the last thing on her mind that she wanted to accomplish. To me, it looked liked she had put more focus on outdoing herself to be an abomination with her gimmicks rather than to developing herself as an artist.


My gut feeling is telling me that Rihanna might visit the country again.


She knows that she still has a sizable loyal fan base in the Philippines. But after that last concert she had here, where she was reportedly late for more than 2 hours, she had the gall to give a lackadaisical performance that only showed she had no real desire to be even here, in the first place!

Maybe next time, concert goers will realize it may be better to pay more attention to other artists, even the local ones. No one should pay such a ridiculous amount of money to watch an artist who does a better job pretending to perform than actually performing.


David Pomeranz will come again (and again) to Manila to perform for the nth time. Wait, didn’t I say this also last year?


There is a high probability that Lorde will take home a Grammy or two in the 2014 Grammy Awards. The signs are all there she is headed in that direction.

When that happens, she will make history as one of the youngest ever to win an award from the most important award giving body in the music industry.


Eminem will continue on as his ‘Slim Shady’ alter ego. I recall when I said last year in “My ‘predictions’ for 2013” that Eminem might revert back to his old ‘Slim Shady’ persona and this did happen in the latter half of 2013.

One of the better advantages that Eminem has is that he has a big bag of tricks and he will always have a trump card up his sleeve.


Katy Perry’s professional career will continue to flourish. Her reign as the dominant “Pop Diva” in the world will not be cut short as she has clearly defeated the likes of Lady Gaga in their race in 2013 for that much sought after title.

It is not only in her professional career that Katy Perry is doing extremely well. Her relationship with John Mayer is also on the winning end. It just proves that Katy Perry and John Mayer are really meant for one


I don’t see any new local YouTube sensation making an impact in the early part of 2014. Watching these aspiring singers in YouTube trying to get attention to make a name for themselves has become redundant. Let’s admit, it already feels so overcrowded with so many of them trying to get that much needed exposure for fame. Perhaps, they are hoping to duplicate the likes of a Zendee Rose Tenerefe.

It is really like trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

The case of Zendee in 2013 was so unique–she literally happened to be at the right place and at the right time when her singing was captured on video and uploaded on YouTube. Just maybe, it was her destiny that she got her “big break.”


Times will keep on changing and so will the tastes of listeners, whether they be for EDM, Hip-Hop or formulated and bland Pop music.

There is no real way of saying what will be the dominant genre for 2014 because there is never a single one that can precisely capture the whole mood in the music landscape. It will always depend on the various types of listeners and just what exactly they are into at the time.

Whatever 2014 will bring, we are sure that it will not be exactly the same as it was in 2013.

The music landscape is ever “evolving” and as I have learned on my own years ago: “Music is an ‘entity’!”

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