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Tail Tales


My pet Chow Chow Drake is two years old. I got him from a breeder I found online. He’s pretty high-maintenance. He has to shower twice to thrice a week and needs to be brushed constantly so his fur won’t get tangled. I take him to the vet once or twice a month—to check on how he’s doing, or for his regular shots. He gives me pure happiness and a sense of contentment, and valuable training on how to take care of fragile living things, like future children! Pets are always at the door to meet you when you arrive home. Pets keep you company when you’re lonely. Plus, pets always seem content with their lives—that’s incredibly infectious. Drake eats only dog food—it’s tried and tested. I don’t want him to acquire allergies. But sometimes I give him doggie treats. Bayani San Diego Jr.

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Tail Tales: Polo Ravales


My pet Kookie, a female Saint Bernard, is now two years old. My baby is now a lady. I got her in Baguio City. Once every three months, I take Kookie to the veterinarian for a check-up. I don’t get to hang out with her as often as I want because I’m busy with work, but I try to take her for a 30-minute walk every day. She is my stress-buster. She’s super lambing. Affectionate and caring. She puts her big paw on my lap whenever she wants a hug and a kiss. Bayani San Diego Jr.

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Tail Tales: Maritoni Fernandez & daughter Lexi


Maritoni: Yuki, our two-year-old flat-nosed, tri-color Chinchilla Persian, and Bella, a Himalayan pure breed with blue eyes, were gifts from my best friend Jannette Garbes.   We give Yuki a bath and comb her coat every three days. We  powder her up so she will smell nice. We clean her eyes with water-soaked cotton balls [...]

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Stars fete furry friends


It was like Oscar night for local pet lovers.

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Mega pet cause from a pet

SHARON Cuneta and furry friends from the animal welfare society.

Singer-actress Sharon Cuneta has not just found a new pet in Chow Rosie; she has also stumbled on a new pet cause. Dubbed the country’s Megastar, Cuneta has signed up with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, or Paws, to pitch for its pet adoption campaign.

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Tail Tales: Zendee Rose Tenerefe


I have a pet chihuahua named Hugo. We also have two dogs—a shih tzu and a maltese—at home in General Santos City. Hugo is a gift from a Brazilian guy, who claims to be one of my fans. I chose to take care of a small dog so I can bring it anywhere I go. My mom and I love Hugo so much. We make sure he visits his veterinarian regularly and that he gets all his vaccines on time. Pets have a calming effect on me…Hugo is a very sweet dog. Marinel R. Cruz

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Tail Tales: Sigfreid Barros Sanchez


I named our 4-month-old Labrador pup Muning. I’ve always wanted to have a dog with a cat’s name. Years from now, when I call her, guests will expect a small cat, but then a big dog will run out of the house. She was given to us by my wife’s friend Kaye. Muning is very playful. Hyper. She likes to chew on our stuff. She ate my favorite slippers. We got Muning to teach our kids responsibility. My three older boys Sebastian, Szackobe and Kubrick are tasked to feed Muning. Sebastian and Kubrick clean her cage, too. Our youngest Seth’s job is to play with her in the garage. She’s the only girl in the family. My wife treats Muning like the daughter we never had.

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Tail Tales

Jose Javier Reyes

I named my dogs Phil and James after my favorite Azkals (soccer players). But the politically correct term now is “aspin” or “asong Pinoy,” especially since these beautiful canines are not “dogs of the streets.” Phil and James are about one and a half years old and they’ve been with me for more than a [...]

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Tail tales: Lexi Fernandez

(Photo courtesy of Lexi Fernandez)

Our pets Barbie and Yuki are adorable. Barbie, a Dachshund, has been with us for 12 years now. We practically grew up together. Barbie is very protective. She’s my personal watch dog. If a stranger approaches me, she’ll bark right away. Yuki, a Persian cat, has been with us for only a year. Yuki joins me when I watch TV. She sits beside me when I relax in my room, too. She’s a chill cat. Of course, we give them a bath and feed them regularly. We also make sure that their dish is always filled with water.

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Young JV Singer-actor

“Both my parents are pet lovers. We have two toy poodles: Kat-kat and Valentino. Kat-kat is the meek-and-mild type, while Valentino is more grouchy. They’re not related. Valentino is named so because he was given to us on Valentine’s Day. We take care of them by giving them a bath every day. We also make [...]

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TAIL TALES: Bianca King

Bianca King-pets

My two Toy Poodles, Burger (male, 5 years old) and Amelie (female, 1) are both domesticated and potty-trained. Burger sings. He howls to Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape.” They share a bed, but sometimes prefer the sofa. I’ve always had a pet. I bathe them myself. I feed them, train them. I’m a proactive pet [...]

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Jed Madela’s moody chow chow

Photo by jim guiao punzalan

“It’s tough taking care of a lot of dogs, but I’m very fond of them. I have five—Moki is a chow chow, Basti is a beagle and the three puppies, Andy, George and Alex, are mini pinschers. Max, a pug, and Lana, a mini pinscher and mom to the three pups, had to move to [...]

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