Deniece Cornejo slams Vhong Navarro, defends Cedric Lee


Deniece Cornejo. Facebook fan page photo

MANILA, Philippines—After the sides of actor Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro and businessman Cedric Lee have been heard, it was the turn of Deniece Millet Cornejo to break her silence.

In an interview with Inquirer Radio 990AM on Monday evening, Cornejo said she is the victim in the chaos that is happening in her life.

“If there is a victim here, that’s me,” said Cornejo who expressed her anger at Navarro who she said “started it all.”

Cornejo defended Lee for foiling the alleged rape try.

“All I can say is, if you have a sister or a daughter, if they grew up and there is someone who wants to molest her or rape her, what would be your reaction?” said Cornejo.

Lee and his friends beat up Navarro after they allegedly caught the actor trying to rape Cornejo inside her bedroom.

Cornejo said that she was in a hurry because she and Lee were set to go out that evening, but Navarro pleaded to drop by her place. He arrived at her condominium unit in Bonifacio Global City around 10:30 p.m. last Jan. 22.

“I was in a hurry to go out because I had to meet my friends, imagine that at 10:30 p.m. he would bring food to my place. Of course, I can’t refuse, and he’s also my friend. Actually I treat him as a brother and call him ‘Kuya Vhong,’” Cornejo said.

She added that Lee came to her place because he and his friends were to pick her up for their trip and she was upset that the people who came to her rescue are now facing charges.

“I’m sad that the people who came to my rescue are now put in a bad light. Well in fact, Vhong was the one who started it all, he was the first to fight; he’s the one [who’s] wrong here,” Cornejo said.

Cornejo also said that if Lee’s group were to beat up Vhong intentionally, they would not do it in her unit in deference to her home.

“Still I’m shocked with what happened. I would never [allow myself to be used to] set up [somebody],” she said. “I have a reputation to take care of, my family’s reputation and I will never gamble because the person that I will go up against is someone whom I have a deep respect of and whom I treat like an older brother.”

Cornejo also defended Lee, saying that Lee and his brothers are very close to her and has treated her kindly.

She, however, said that she and Navarro had a prior meeting but nothing happened between them.


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  • DannyGane

    Hay naku!!! Dami butas findings NBI. 1. There could be two video recorders with slight difference in time. 2. 3rd party should verify that the videos presented by NBI is not spliced…

    • jahmhil

      For those who still doubt the CCTV and the TV-host’s statements, I would suggest that you practice rational skepticism. Can’t you doubt on Denise and Cedric’s statements as well?

      • DannyGane

        It is more likely Denise tried to get even for not being paid the last time she performed oral sex to Vhong. She also needed some money. Vhong’s undertaking is conduct unbecoming of being an ABS-CBN talent (comedian/host) towards opposite sex considering his status, ABS-CBN should let go of him and stop meddling with the issue…

      • jahmhil

        The first setting I think is already out of hand. Hindi na siguro icconsider yun kasi may consent ng babae. Yung habol ng investigation is ung 2nd setting. The 1st scene was null and void. That was consensual sir and hindi ata kasama sa blotter case. Stating my opinion lang.
        You know sir, I just feel unsafe when people who have the power to frame you up are lurking in the streets. Who knows, anyone can be framed up. Kahit anung klaseng tao ka pa, mapa sikat ka man or hindi. This is a pressing national issue for me na involved ang lahat. For sure, ayaw mo mapunta sa kalagayan ni Vhong right?

      • DannyGane

        if you look at situation, the crime happen on Denise’s place. being unfaithful to your partner has some consequences in one form or another.

      • Vertumnus

        You are practically condoning what happened to Vhong.
        Even if he is being unfaithful. it does not warrant him getting set up for a beating. Men cheat for any number of reasons. That’s between him and his girlfriend.

      • DannyGane

        he deserved the beating for him to learn a lesson. what is important is that he is still alive to go on living with well lesson learn. what nbi and abs-cbn did is clearly bias, if indeed, after investigation, denise and cedric are guilty of the crime of extortion and bodily injury, they deserve to be rehabilitated in prison…

      • jahmhil

        Now you got it kinda right! ;) Good job Sir Danny! hehe.. Though I don’t really dig the beating part, if it were really a rape. They should have made some few punches and called the police if they were to do a normal reaction from most people. Cause its kind of obviously not rape but a frame up. Kahit siguro anung baligtad mo pa sa scenes ng CCTV, ay legitimate ang statements ni Vhong. Natural lang na biased and abs cbn kasi artista nila. but tignan natin kung mabaligtad pa ng ibang tao ang mga ebidensyang nakalahad. Its pretty accurate sir. Wag na magbulag bulagan pa. Vhong learned his lesson. Cedric and Denise should learn theirs too.
        By the way, they (Cedric and his minions) move like syndicates in movies. Scary!

      • DannyGane

        think of it this way. if it is really premeditated or frame-up as you say it, there could have been several victims of that set-up. Cedric mentioned 6 to 7 women will be coming out to file a complain against Vhong (maybe they already victimized 6 to 7 persons of the likes of Vhong). the likes of Cedric or Duterte do not scare me… Sen. Meriam Santiago, maybe… lol

      • jahmhil

        Well 6-7 women might be paid well by Cedric too bro. We can never tell. Much better if they had filed a case long before they meddle with the present issues. Because evidence and objectivity wise. Ewan ko na lang kung pansinin pa iyon.

      • jahmhil

        Well I think the consequences are also out of the issue. Because the real issue is who is the one telling the truth on what happened on the case stated on the blotter report. All these investigations has a foundation based on what details are written in the said complaint. Vhong told his side guided by evidences. Where is Denise’s and Cedric’s part?

      • dneuwen

        the first meeting maybe consensual up to a point. what if the girl does not want to go all the way but the guy forces himself still. in other countries it is called “date rape” and i don’t know if we have a law against such. even a spouse can deny herself with her husband and he be charged with rape in our statutes.

      • jahmhil

        Well ang catch din po ate is null and void ung 1st meeting. yung 2nd meeting yung focus ng investigation po. If kasama sa kaso ung 1st meeting pwede pa. Check nyo rin po kasi ung pinanghuhugutan nila ng info. Diba ung blotter report? sa blotter report nakalagay ung start ng date ung January 22 at hindi yung January 17. ayun. sge, maaaring tama ka kung nakalagay sa blotter report is ung Jan 17 but Jan 22 events ung nakasaad dun.

      • dneuwen

        part of sworn afffidavit of navarro is he admitted their first encounter on jan 17 even alleging they had oral sex. so it is relevant that even the nbi is looking for the jan17 cctv. my scenario is a rape aka “date rape” happened during jan 17 and jan 22 was a revenge gone wrong.

      • jahmhil

        Paano magiging rape ang something na consensual matanong ko lang? kaya gulong gulo ako sa mga taong pinagpipilitang rape ang something na gusto ng parehong lalaki at babae. di ba? I can call what they did premarital sex/ play rather than rape di ba? Crime ba pre-marital sex brad? Nasabi mo nga rin pala sa una mong statement na baka naging rape kasi up to the point na baka pinilit na ni vhong si deniece. questionable yan. might be possible but bakit pa nag-aya si deniece ng second round? was that what you will call na naging hindi na gustuhan ni deniece ung ginawa ni vhong? ang usual reaction kasi is hindi ka na mag papakita muli.. mukhang ang may masamang intention is ung babae.. maybe to extort vhong, kuhanan ng pera, or gumanti.. pero I really have to say kung sinama ung first setting pwedeng may laban ung side nina deniece. medyo nakukuha ko na ung view mo tol. But I’d rather side with a lesser evil than a greater evil dude. Habang laya yung mga yan malakas loob manggancho ng tao..

      • dneuwen

        what proof have you that cornejo ay nagyaya ng second round? if cornejo invited navarro it was not for a second round but already as a set-up for revenge which was what happened with the bugbugan, extortion and all.

        walang choice si cornejo and company na sabihing jan 17 ang rape dahil mawawala ang kanilang justifiable argument kung bakit nila binugbog si navarro on jan 22.

      • jahmhil

        Resort to the text messages. pero ayaw nila ilabas ang evidence. Deniece should bring out something objective for her to win the case. I am convinced that there is a possible rape that happened. But, just bring out the evidences please. By the way, kundi hindi extortion ang kasalanan nina Deniece at Cedric, for sure ay coercion iyon at may kasamang parusa pa rin. Both sides should pay if rape really happened.

        But I think Vhong’s punishment is enough na. Parusahan na lang ang pagkatuso nina Cedric at Deniece.. hahaha.. May alam pa silang pa gang bang gang bang ee.. Parang sindikato lang. Pwede naman ilang suntok lang at rineport na sa pulis.. hehe.. parang pa-hero kasi mashado at nagmamalinis itong si Cedric dami naman plang kaso. hehe.. tignan mo rin sir ung history nina cedric at deniece. hindi rin sila malinis na tao.

      • Vertumnus

        Oh Please! Get over your sanctimonious attitude. What Vhong does on his personal time is his own business. He is not the only guy who goes around looking for sex and companionship. It doesn’t give Cornejo and Lee license to beat and extort money just because he is a celebrity.

      • DannyGane

        He is a public figure possibly being emulated by many. He should be careful on every things he does privately. What he did is really conduct unbecoming of being an ABS-CBS talent. He is in a relationship and yet he seeks other women. Morality dictates he did wrong even he falls victim to Denise and Cedric Lee..

      • Vertumnus

        …and yet hundreds of millions of men a women does the same thing every single day and still the world goes round and round…

      • DannyGane

        would it be a better world if majority are morally upright?

      • jahmhil

        Well I should say, is Denise and Cedric morally upright?

      • inquirercet

        He is an actor. Since when are actors obligated to live their personal lives according your sense of what’s right and wrong? They are commodities being sold by networks and producers. If you don’t approve of their lifestyle then don’t buy or watch their shows.

      • ferdz

        politicians dapat ang mamuhay nang tuwid at tax payers money ang kanilang kinabubuhay, nang hindi kinukurakot ang pera

  • PHtaxpayer

    With face and body like that, she looks like she could suck the chrome off a ’57 Chevy!

  • banana na

    karamihan naman ng video or CCTV ay maririnig mo rin ang boses ng tao kung malapit sila sa CCTV…ABANGAN

  • Vertumnus

    Of course she will defend Cedric! What’s a whore going to do but protect her pimp!
    She probably needs more money for more plastic surgery. Looks like she had a nose job, a jaw reduction and liposuction. Why don’t you just advertise as a high price pok-pok, you can make your money that way instead of extorting money from Vhong Navarro?

    • DannyGane

      Denise a whore, Cedric the pimp. For sure, they work as a team. Vhong falls victim to their scheme of money making ventures. If only Vhong had been faithful to his girlfriend and had been very careful on his dealing, he should not have fallen to the trapped set-up by Denise and Cedric. Vhong is an ABS-CBN talent, what he does privately is his own but he should be very careful that he does not destroy his image. What he did destroys everything he build over the years. ABS-CBN should stop meddling with the issue and NBI should stop fabricating evidences to work in favor of Vhong… Sec. De Lima should order his men to desist in assisting ABS-CBN and Vhong. This is not a national issue to be handled by NBI…

      • Vertumnus

        You are wrong! In cases of illegal detention, that is responsibility of the NBI. When local police are involved specially now that Cedric Lee is tied to 4 high level PNP officers, it would be in Navarro’s best interest to get the NBI involved. This is the Philippines. The police can be bought for the right price.

      • DannyGane

        you are telling the PNP should be abolished because they are incompetent and cannot be trusted anymore. CALLING ON PRES. PNOY TO ABOLISH PNP… Commendations to all ABS-CBN reporters for being above-board in all news reporting.

      • Vertumnus

        Who said to abolish the PNP? There are incompetent police officers who don’t do the job they are suppose to do. Any company would get rid of incompetent employees. Everybody knows that some policemen can be bought. Where have you been hiding not to know that?

      • jahmhil

        Sir, national issue ito. Gawin sayo yang frame up na yan, for example hindi rape. Good boy ka kunwari.. rich ka kunwari..hehe..Gawin nating homicide, ito isang situation, binaril nila ung asawa mo, then ipapahawak ung baril sa iyo para may fingerprints mo..hindi ka gugulpihin. Binataan ka lang na kapag kumanta ka papatayin ka at ang nanay mo.. tapos sasasabihin nila papatayin nila pamilya ng asawa mo kapag hindi ka magbibigay ng malaking halaga sa kanila.. tapos gagawa sila ng video ikaw lang nakadisplay.. pinapasabi sayo “Ako ang pumatay sa asawa ko” or kahit anung speech, naktutok baril sayo.. kapag hindi ka nagsalita babarilin ka talaga nila.. yan.. anu gagawin mo sir? kaya mo ba ang sarili mo yang sitwasyon na yan?

        Marami pang pwede i frame up maliban sa rape sir. isip isip din pag may time. ;)

  • Pidyong

    Huli na si Deniece na bata sya ni Cedric Lee dahil kay Cedric Lee ang condo unit na titnitirhan ni Deniece at iniputan ni deniece si Cedric ng maghook up si Deniece kay Bong kaya nauwi sa bugbugan, obvious na biktima si Bong dahil sa kalandian nito na naghahanap ng kontak para makapasok uli sa Channel 2 ang loka at si Bong sana ang gagamitin.

  • unc_sammy

    Somewhat similar to the Big 4 operation in 1960s. Only that the gang then were all Filipinos. By the way, how true that Deniece is a relative of GMA’s Mel Tiangco?

  • adreko

    NBI should arrest the people involved here immediately before its too late to play hide n seek. Don’t take it long…. arrest arrest arrest ! Cedric Lee and his cohort. And pls lang Justice De Lima, don’t speak with the press. We’re tired seeing your face, take immediate action like Napoles case.

  • dneuwen

    baka rape really happened during jan 17 first meeting and jan 22 was revenge or payback time gone awry or miscalculated on the part of cornejo’s group when ipina-blotter nila ang kanilang pambubugbog.

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