Watch 'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F' and you won't be disappointed

Watch ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’ and you won’t be disappointed

/ 11:43 AM July 08, 2024

Watch 'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F' and you won't be disappointed

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Thirty years is a long time for any movie franchise to have a sequel. It is a lifetime, and for some, it may seem like an impossibility, but that is not the case for Eddie Murphy, who is an icon in comedy and film. The man has accomplished much in his impressive entertainment career, but his ultimate goal as of late has always been to create another sequel to Beverly Hills Cop and make it the best one possible.

In a recent interview, Eddie Murphy mentioned that for the past 15 years, he has received scripts for a new Beverly Hills Cop movie, but he has not accepted any of them because they do not meet his standards. This is understandable because “Beverly Hills Cop” is the biggest movie franchise he has been a part of, in which he is the star. He wants to protect the franchise’s legacy because when people think of Beverly Hills Cop and its previous sequels, they think of him and no one else.


Originally, when I was drafting this latest entertainment article of mine, I had intended it to be a movie review of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.” But it might ruin the experience for anyone who has not yet had the chance to watch it, as it is now out and available on Netflix. Therefore, I changed my mind and decided to focus on the surreal realization that Eddie Murphy was able to bring back the iconic Beverly Hills Cop in this modern era of cinema.


We can all acknowledge that it has been quite a challenge for long-running franchises to release a movie that does not conform to the new norms established by the “woke” agenda, negatively impacting various movie franchises. I felt that Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F was able to seamlessly transition from the original trilogy, although Axel Foley is much older now. Humor, wit, and comedic timing are all still present, making it a nostalgic and enjoyable watch. It is amazing to see!

Plus, seeing all the surviving co-stars return to reprise their roles is something to behold. It gives ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’ a homecoming feel, and beyond that, it provides closure for many fans who have longed to see all of them back on the big screen. It not only brings you back to your fond memories of the movies, but it also reminds you that despite time taking a visible toll on all of them, the magic, the “it” factor, and their personalities are still present. All the stars of the Beverly Hills Cop movies had unique personalities and were not just there to fill up the screen or serve as targets for Axel Foley’s comedic lines, they each brought something special to every scene.

The production value is superior, among the best I have seen in some time, especially for a movie that is exclusively shown on a streaming service. “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” could very well have been shown in cinemas, but still retained the same impressive visuals. The color treatment is great; the colors are rich, and nothing is watered down.

The original score, music, and selection of songs, all signature Beverly Hills Cop audio elements, are present in this movie. They’ve got everything back, and it helps complete the movie experience for all fans of this long-running franchise that Eddie Murphy built and is responsible for. Eddie Murphy knew that for movies to effectively connect with people, everything ultimately needed to be crafted in a way that highlighted the importance of both visual and auditory experiences, leading to the best possible outcome. It completes the moviegoers’ experience.

The action sequences in this film are reminiscent of how they were put together in the first two Beverly Hills Cop movies. There are no excessively shaky camera shots or angles that take away from the impact of the action in each scene. The film has a very steady feel to it, and despite Eddie Murphy’s age, the filmmakers managed to work around that and still give his character, Axel Foley, a lot to do when things got physical and required him to be on the defensive or offensive. This is where the movie reminds everyone that it is very much rooted in action and Eddie Murphy can still deliver as an action star.

Everything about the movie felt right. It did not feel like they were trying to retcon things or tell a different story that reimagines Axel Foley. It felt as though 30 years had passed before anyone saw Axel Foley, and there he was. In that regard, the character is ageless. For Eddie Murphy to return to the role after such a long absence signifies that Axel Foley is an extension of his true self, a significant aspect of his personality, and a lasting legacy in cinema. Eddie Murphy embodies “Axel Foley” in many ways, with Beverly Hills Cop being his “baby” and a significant contribution to the history of movies. The iconic role will forever be remembered as a defining moment in his career.


Imagine a “Beverly Hills Cop” movie from 2024 that fires on all cylinders without feeling dated, old, or out of place. That is what happens when everything falls into place, and the actor, the main star, and the reason for this franchise’s existence has his complete vision followed.

Watch ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’ and you won’t be disappointed.

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