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Finally, a noontime show that is fun, fun, fun

/ 01:53 PM June 08, 2023

Finally, a noontime show that is fun, fun, fun

A noontime show should be youthful, energetic, entertaining, joyful, dynamic, enjoyable to watch and most of all, absolutely wholesome. All of these qualities and more are what I can see, sense, and feel from the current incarnation of the noontime show.

What a sight to behold! Finally, hosts in the newest incarnation of a noontime show that are mostly young, full of enthusiasm and energy, and clearly out to entertain with clean innocent fun, and who themselves are clearly having the time of their lives enjoying the fun they provide the audience. It was truly a delight to watch this noontime show with its fast-paced segments since it was revamped last Monday.


This is as pure as a noontime show can be. Such a relief for viewers to be spared from any socio-political agenda intertwined into it. Also, there are no hidden messages that would corrupt and further numb the Filipino people’s common sense, logic, and reasoning on certain matters that do not need to be discussed in a noontime show because those things should be best left to discussions for news, documentaries, and talk shows and not of all places, on a timeslot meant to be entertaining, uplifting and happy.


This noontime show is perfection in a capsule.

Thankfully, gone are vulgarities that lead only to desensitization of the senses of the hapless audience and viewers, particularly of the youth. Gone are inside jokes with loaded meanings.


Notably, gone are the obvious petty quarrels and jealousies and insecurities of hosts and co-hosts that can be gleaned by the audience and viewers by way of the snide brickbats the hosts and co-hosts throw at each other on air.

Gone are the pulling down and embarrassing of each other on air by the hosts and co-hosts.

Surely, something had to give to put a stop to these inane and stupid uncalled for segments in a noontime show.

High time massive changes had to be made to elevate and refine the senses of viewers. Here now comes the version of a noontime show that I have been wishing for, many years to be and it has finally happened.

Now we enjoy fast-paced segments that number four or five, engaging the in-studio audience and viewers at home. This is a huge improvement because you cannot have a segment that goes on for an hour or more because that is no longer a segment. Furthermore, it causes viewers to tune out and switch channels.

And what more if the segment is depressing, too serious, or constantly points out things that should not be discussed, brought up, or made a topic in a noontime show, of all shows? Indeed, immediate changes had to happen because the noontime show had to survive, evolve, and move on from its old, obsolete, and overplayed methods.

Facts don’t lie. Facts don’t care about your feelings. The fact of the matter is that the previous version of the noontime show badly needed to be overhauled, in and out, in order to remain relevant to the current times. With the data pointing out that the younger age demographic has lost interest resulting in a drop in ratings in those specific age groups, then without question, changes had to be made. To have refused to see the signs, red flags, and writings on the wall, the noontime show would not have existed much longer.

So, by all accounts, a massive overhaul and restoration was imperative because this is all about the survival of the noontime show all the way to the foreseeable future for all Filipinos and not only for the sake of the hosts. This is larger than everyone. This should be for the people.

To be able to change with the times and not fight it. To be able to provide wholesome entertainment without any hidden socio-political agendas in it. To be able to maintain that level of an entirely wholesome entertainment throughout its timeslot. Everything indicates that the noontime show should be made primarily for the people and its ever-younger demographic. That is a mission statement and I believe that should be made a rule.

This is a matter of going with the times and providing the viewers at home with a new batch of primarily young and joyful hosts that make the viewers feel eager to watch the noontime show from Monday to Saturday.

In the end, the noontime show in its current incarnation is the best it can be simply because it feeds the needs of the viewers to be entertained in the most normal way possible. There are no points that any of the hosts would rub you the wrong way, there are no times that any of the segments would make you feel uncomfortable, and there are no more dull moments.

It is not trying to “educate” you, it is not trying to change your personal views on certain things, it is not trying to be something that it is not, and it is not sad to watch anymore.

I truly hope that this is the way this noontime show is going to be moving forward. For the first time in many years, I have not changed the channel once while this noontime show is on. Multiply that feeling by millions of other people in the country and you have found yourself the perfect formula for a noontime show. It is perfection in a capsule.

Indeed, this will definitely continue to be longest running program of its kind on local television because of the long overdue internal and external changes that have been made that has saved it from extinction.

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The public, the masses, and the people deserve this.

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