Yassi surprised over Issa and James’ relationship, but asserts all is well with Nadine

Yassi Pressman

Yassi Pressman, James Reid, Issa Pressman and Nadine Lustre. Image: Instagram/@yassipressman, @pressmanissa, @nadine

Yassi Pressman confessed she was also taken aback after her sister Issa and James Reid confirmed their relationship, but the actress stressed that everything was settled “in private” with their friend and fellow actress Nadine Lustre before it was made public.

Yassi addressed the matter, starting off with a clarification that she and Lustre are “cool” with each other, during the press conference of Yassi’s TV series “Kurdapya” on Thursday, March 23.

“Para tapos na po, isang beses ko lang ‘tong sasabihin—wala pong problem. Kami po ni Nadine, OK po kami. OK din po ‘yung buong pamilya namin,” she said. “At syempre po, bago po na-public ang lahat, lahat po ay naasikaso in private.”

(So we can be done with it already, I’ll only say this once—there is no problem. Nadine and I are OK, as well as our whole family. And of course before everything went public, it was settled in private.)

“Tsaka ilang taon na rin po,” she continued, apparently referring to Lustre and Reid’s breakup in 2019. “Kaya ayon, sana everybody—let everyone be happy.” (And it has already been years. So I hope everybody—let everyone be happy.)

Yassi further revealed that she and Lustre have already talked to each other after Issa and Reid’s relationship confirmation, with Yassi saying how she experiences anxiety over the public’s reaction to it. Yassi said Lustre felt sorry for her and wished that she would feel better.

Yassi then noted that all is well between her and James, although she revealed that his relationship with her sister also came as a surprise to the actress.

“Nagulat lang din po ako syempre. Sabay-sabay po tayo,” she disclosed. “Pero nung sinabi po sa akin ‘yon recently, hinayaan ko na lang din po na magdesisyon ‘yung mga tao because they’re old enough naman to make their own decisions na rin po.”

(Of course, I was shocked just like everyone else. But when I was told about it recently, I just let the people [involved] decide because they’re already old enough to make their own decisions.)

“Tsaka lahat po ng tao may choice, at kung wala naman pong ibang taong tinatapakan at everybody’s not doing anything wrong naman, feeling ko wala naman pong problema,” she concluded.

(Also, everyone has a choice. As long as they are not stepping on someone and everybody’s not doing anything wrong, then I feel like there’s no problem with it.)

Reid and Issa earlier made their relationship public by showing themselves holding hands. This led netizens to bring up the 2020 allegations that Issa was the third party in Reid and Lustre’s split. Reid immediately dismissed these accusations and stressed that they were just rumors.

Meanwhile, Lustre and Reid broke up in November 2019, but the former couple only confirmed it to the public in January 2020.  /ra


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