Paolo Contis says GF Yen Santos not the reason behind his split with LJ Reyes: ‘Matagal na kaming ‘di OK ni LJ’

Paolo Contis

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos and LJ Reyes. Image: Instagram/@paolo_contis, @lj_reyes

After over a year of speculations from the public, Paolo Contis confirmed his relationship with Yen Santos, but clarified that the actress was not the reason for his and former partner LJ Reyes’ breakup.

The actor revealed the real score between him and Santos after he was asked by King of Talk Boy Abunda about it during an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” on Monday, Jan. 30.

“Si Yen Santos ba ay girlfriend mo na? Oo o hindi? (Is Yen Santos your girlfriend? Yes or no?)” Abunda asked, to which Contis responded in jest, “As a friend?”

“Is she your girlfriend?” Abunda reiterated, then the actor answered, “Yes.”

“Sa amin kasi, what you see is what you get naman. Hindi namin pwede ipilit ‘yung tao to be happy for us,” Contis added. “Sana lang isipin nila na kung ano lang ‘yung nakikita nilang na-post, ‘yun lang ‘yung truth na alam nila.”

(What you see is what you get from us. We can’t force the public to be happy for us. I just hope they realize that the truth they know is only based on what they see in [our] posts.)

Contis also pointed out that he was no longer with Reyes when he and Santos started dating, but admitted he committed mistakes and had shortcomings that led to his and Reyes’ “downfall.” Contis likewise talked about his Baguio trip with Santos “as a friend,” and stressed that his breakup with Reyes occurred way before the trip happened.

“Somehow, medyo matagal na kaming hindi OK ni LJ pero we were together, of course. Napapadalas ‘yung away and I think it was combination na ng stress sa pandemic and everything,” he said.

(Somehow, LJ and I had not been OK for quite a long time, but we were together, of course. Our fights became frequent, and I think it was a combination of stress due to the pandemic and everything.)

“One of my biggest mistakes was hindi ko inalala ‘yung mental health ni LJ,” he continued. “Plus ‘yung pagdidiskarte ko nang sarili ko, na hindi ko na ini-inform sa kanya ‘yung mga bagay-bagay, which led to bigger problems.” (One of my biggest mistakes was I did not think about LJ’s mental health, [and I made decisions] on my own without informing her.)

Contis and Santos made headlines in 2021 after they were paired in the film “A Faraway Land” and both unfollowed everyone on Instagram, leading fans to speculate that Santos was the cause of the actor’s split with Reyes.

Contis’ breakup with Reyes was then confirmed by his talent manager Lolit Solis, who asserted that the former couple’s separation was a mutual decision. This statement was later refuted by Reyes, saying she held on to her relationship with the actor for several months, for the sake of her children.

Contis and Reyes have a 4-year-old daughter, Summer. Reyes and Summer are currently in the United States together with the actress’ eldest child, Aki.  /ra


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