LOOK: Iza Calzado reveals pregnancy on 40th birthday

Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado. Image: Instagram/@missizacalzado

Iza Calzado revealed that she and her businessman husband Ben Wintle are now expecting their first baby, as she marks her 40th birthday today, Aug. 12.

The actress announced that she is about to be a mom while showing off her baby bump on her Instagram page today. She cited the saying “Life begins at 40” and admitted that she had been lining up several “exciting projects” prior to finding out about her pregnancy.

“I was ready to usher in this new chapter in my life. Then you came along. Unexpectedly. You may not have been in my immediate plans but I instinctively knew that this was THE plan,” she said.

Calzado expressed gratefulness and “humbly accepted this new chapter of [her] life” as she believes that God’s plans are “far greater” than hers.

“Something deep inside me knows that you will propel me to greater heights to soar higher than ever before in ways I cannot even begin to imagine. You will give me THE WHY, THE PURPOSE, THE DIRECTION in life, and I embrace you in my life as we build, along with Ben — your dad, a FAMILY!” she said.

For Calzado, the saying “Life begins at 40” is indeed true since her baby’s life began as she turns 40.

“To know that life is growing inside me is great miracle. You are my miracle. You are my guiding light,” she addressed her baby. “Thank You, Lord, for the most beautiful birthday gift. Our ABUNDANCE.”

Fellow celebrities extended their congratulations to Calzado, including Dingdong Dantes, Julie Anne San Jose, Janine Gutierrez, Dawn Zulueta and Jake Cuenca.

“Congratulations, and what a happy birthday indeed!” Dantes told Calzado.

“Congratulations dear Iza, I’m so thrilled for you. I had my Ayisha when I was 40 also. You are so blessed” Zulueta said.

“Oh my gosh love team I’m so happy for you. Congratulations to you and Ben,” Cuenca greeted Calzado and Wintle.

Image: Instagram/@missizacalzado

Image: Instagram/@missizacalzado

Calzado and Wintle have been married for three years now. They tied the knot in Palawan back in December 2018.  /ra


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