Tom Rodriguez to those alluding to his split with Carla Abellana: ‘Let’s refrain from shaming others’

Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez. Image: Instagram/@akosimangtomas

Tom Rodriguez asked a fan to stop “shaming others” and “cultivate positive vibes” as he addressed recent comments about his split with ex-wife Carla Abellana.

The actor, who had been quiet in social media for some time, showed himself soaking up the sun, via his Instagram page today, Aug. 7.

“Great day to be alive indeed!” he said. “You hold the power to make your day however you choose…make it a positive one.”

One @addicted2gold then left a comment advising Rodriguez to “move on” and “be thankful,” apparently pertaining to the actor’s split with Abellana.

“Wag kasi kayo mag-hanap ng babaeng maganda at successful [kasi] nasobrahan sila ng feeling strong and empowerment. For me, walang lalake na ‘di nagkamali [at] wala din babaeng ‘di nagkamali sa ibang gawa lang,” the netizen stated. “Kaya dapat marunong magpatawad at makalimot unless sobrang daming beses ng ginawa do’n ka na ‘wag magpatawad.”

(Do not look for women who are pretty and successful because they feel too strong and too empowered. For me, there is no man who commits no mistake and the same goes to women, just in a different aspect. That is why one should know how to forgive and forget. Unless the mistake was repeated several times, that is when you should no longer forgive.)

“While I appreciate the support, let’s refrain na lang po [ma’am] from shaming others [on this] platform. Already so much of that going around in the world,” Rodriguez replied. “Let’s cultivate some positive vibes.”

Rodriguez also responded to another netizen, one @st._mykelm, who argued that the other user’s statement promoted victim-blaming and stressed that the “machismo of a man” is the one which should be put into blame.

“Naliligaw po ata kayo (I think you are getting lost) with your soapbox, speaking of other people’s lives [whose] contexts you know none of… Perhaps you can tend to [clean] your own room instead?” the actor answered.

Image: Instagram/@akosimangtomas

Speculations that Abellana and Rodriguez have separated started last February after fans noticed that they unfollowed then followed each other again on Instagram. Showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin then claimed last May that Abellana was preparing documents for an annulment, while the actor revealed the following month that a “gag order” was issued against him.

In June, Abellana broke her silence and said that she was “disrespected, betrayed and was made to look stupid” by Rodriguez, adding how she was not allowed to feel angry or disappointed throughout their seven-year relationship as a couple. In the same month, Rodriguez announced that his divorce from Abellana was already final. JB


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