Lotlot de Leon to adopted children like her: ‘Never be ashamed of where you came from’

Lotlot de Leon

Image: Instagram/@ms.lotlotdeleon

Lotlot de Leon has spoken up about the rights of adopted children, stressing that adopted children like her are human beings as well and not commodities.

De Leon proudly talked about being an adoptee, while showing a photo with the statement “Adoptee rights are human rights,” on her Instagram page yesterday, Jan. 17.

“So let’s just put this out here already! Yes I am adopted and yes I am also human! I am not a commodity, I am my own person who have feelings too,” she said.

The actress expressed her gratitude for the life she has been given, adding that she accepts all the good and the bad things that she has been through. De Leon stressed that she will keep on owning her life as she moves forward. She also has a message for her fellow adoptees.

“For those who are like me, never be ashamed of where you came from and your story! Continue to live your life because this is [100] percent yours! Love those who truly love you!” she said. “Oh and please to those who keep on discriminating ADOPTED kids, let go of the bigotry. It’s so unbecoming of a supposed ‘human being’!”

De Leon’s post came a few days after she responded to a netizen who commented about her relationship with her adoptive mother veteran actress Nora Aunor, and de Leon’s alleged hardhearted attitude towards Aunor. De Leon’s adoptive father is veteran actor Christopher de Leon, who adopted her with Aunor when the two were still a couple.

As per reports, her siblings Ian, Matet, Kenneth and Kiko organized a late Christmas party for their mother, but Lotlot did not attend the gathering. JB


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