Francine Diaz’s manager denies actress is being courted by Seth Fedelin

Francine Diaz

Image: Instagram/@imsethfedelin, @francinesdiaz

Francine Diaz’s talent manager John Ling has spoken up about speculations that Diaz is being courted by fellow actor Seth Fedelin.

The issue concerning Diaz and Fedelin came about after Fedelin was spotted spending time with Diaz’s family. Photos of them were posted by Diaz’s mother Merdick Diaz on her Facebook page last Wednesday, Jan. 12, which led fans to ask about the real score between the two.

Ling addressed the issue after one @_eybiay commented on his Instagram page yesterday, Jan. 16, asking if Fedelin is really courting Diaz.

“Nope.. that’s the truth,” Ling answered, adding a hundred percent emoji.

Image: Instagram/@johnling75

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Diaz and Andrea Brillantes, Fedelin’s onscreen love team partner, appear to have unfollowed each other on Instagram. While fans continue to speculate about the supposedly brewing tension between the actresses, the two have yet to comment on the matter, as of writing.

Image: Instagram/@francinesdiaz

Image: Instagram/@blythe

Diaz, Fedelin and Brillantes, together with Kyle Echarri, starred in ABS-CBN’s hit teleserye “Kadenang Ginto” in 2018. The four have since been known as the Gold Squad and gained a big following among young audiences. JB


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