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At the crossroads: My exclusive interview with Paul Salas and Anthony Rosaldo

/ 01:35 PM January 09, 2022

Anthony Rosaldo, Klea Pineda and Paul Salas

Anthony Rosaldo, Klea Pineda and Paul Salas. Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network

There will always be those crossroads in actors’ lives where they will eventually get to work with a fellow co-star who is in search of his own validation and vindication, and he is given a fair chance to redeem himself and to erase in the memory of the public the misguided path he had taken in the past.

These are some of the thoughts that entered my mind after I got to conduct an exclusive interview with Paul Salas and Anthony Rosaldo who are the main stars alongside Klea Pineda for the newest episode of “Regal Studio Presents” entitled “Monaylisa and Me” which will be airing today at 4:35 p.m. at GMA Network.


Indeed, life can throw us a curveball at times that hurtles us into directions at a dizzying whirring pace. And whether it is of our own undoing or forces beyond our control, it is only we who can rein in ourselves back into the right track if we only have the will, the determination, and especially the spiritual fortitude, to do so.


Paul Salas and Anthony Rosaldo share with us during my exclusive interview with them two days ago their individual struggles when they initially entered the entertainment industry in their younger years, and how they hurdled the obstacles to achieve their goals and dreams. That they managed to unravel and recognize and express the different layers of their continuing personal climb to success is truly praiseworthy and I only have the highest respect for them.

Below is my interview with Paul Salas and Anthony Rosaldo.

How do you want this new year to be different for you, in particular, from the previous years, career-wise? For instance, what changes are you hoping to see in the direction of your showbiz career?

Paul Salas: For those who have not yet watched, this 2022 is different for me because I got into vlogging also. Perhaps this time, it will be how I will balance my vlogging and my passion for acting. That is what is different now for me this year because in all the past years, I have been in acting and that is what I was mainly doing. I was not too much in social media. But now I am involved in social media because I can see that the public is also interested in my life off-cam. So that is what’s different for me in 2022. And for sure, I will work harder to give the people a glimpse of my life, off-cam.

Anthony Rosaldo: As for me, and like what I always say, at the beginning of every year, I always look forward to internalizing, looking back to the events that happened [in] the year [that] passed. And I am always grateful because ever since I started with GMA Kapuso, a few years ago, in 2018, I still can’t believe I am now with the network, that I would be noticed and be given a lot of different opportunities. Maybe this year, what I would really like to do and focus more on, aside from doing acting projects that the network does not hesitate to give me, is that I would hope… since I have begun composing a song which is the first composition that came out only recently, entitled “Tama Na” under GMA Playlist. I am really hoping that this year, I will be able to make this a hit song that will be sung by the whole Philippines. That my song “Tama Na” will make a mark in that it will be a theme song for many, whatever their station in life may be. After all, that is the ultimate goal of a singer, to have a hit song. I am really passionate about reaching that goal because I really work hard. Even before I joined showbiz, I already knew what I wanted to do in my life which is to perform and be in show business. That is the reason I never gave up even if I would lose in competitions before. So, now that I am here, I know [I] am armed. I have the tools and I have the support. I will do my very best.

What is your favorite quotation, or philosophy in life, that you try to live by?


Paul Salas: I have just captioned one on my [Instagram posts]. This is what I said… which I just read somewhere… “Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path [of] the best things that will ever happen to us.” Because before, I was still quite young, and I was already in showbiz, there were so many issues. Bad things that happened to me; bad things that I did. Now, I have realized them. I try to work on them on my own. Because in an interview, I explained my life before. For those who did not see the interview, it’s on YouTube. So now, a lot of good things are happening to me. Like with Regal, our episode is so amazing. My vlogs and all. I am happy with myself now. Because of all the bad things that had happened to me, I was able to reflect and work on them.

Anthony Rosaldo: For me, my favorite expression is “Good things take time.” There is a time for everything. They don’t just happen. Because based on my experience, and as I have said earlier, the path I have chosen has not been easy for me to be where I am right now. I joined many competitions. So I value hard work, perseverance, the passion one has to put in so that you can achieve your dream. Actually, this quote leaves a tug in my heart. Because my dad is no longer here; he passed on a long time ago, in 2014. He did not live to see my showbiz career. So I am a little pained. I keep thinking, maybe had I persevered earlier, maybe had I tried showbiz earlier, perhaps he would have seen me now because it was also his dream that I become an actor, a famous singer. So there, it does take time. And everything that happened happens for a reason. So for everyone listening and watching, don’t think that whatever you want, whatever your dream, it will be given to you at once and you can just pray for it. No. That’s not the key there. You have to persevere. Work hard, really. I am a living testimony to that, an example, that whatever you want in life, you must work hard for it.

Can you share with us a funny or embarrassing moment that happened during the taping of this episode?

Paul Salas: This was the time that Anthony and I were doing a lot of Tik Tok, also with Klea Pineda. We did not realize everything was already set up and a production crew shouted to us: “Enough of that TikTok! On the set now, please! We will end up shooting late into the night!” We were overtaken by our enjoyment of doing the TikTok during that time which was our bonding moment. We forgot ourselves… So, after that reprimand, we headed right away to the dressing room. For me, that is one of the funniest moments because that does not happen often. Right, Anton?

Anthony Rosaldo: Yes, true, true! And it is a way for us to feel human at that moment. Because there is nothing much I can remember but the TikTok we did. Because there will always be that tendency for us to have fun. But, for us, as actors, we have to be serious and focused so that we will always do our best, because we are professionals. But at times, we can’t still avoid what we also enjoy doing if there is some spare time. There is a TikTok video that our co-star Klea Pineda posted and I found it funny, because in the background, you will see a busy production crew member who passed behind her who was busy carrying something. And Klea was not aware of that. It was funny, funny!

Paul Salas: There is also a scene, which was not called for in the script and it was not rehearsed, but during the take, because Klea was in character… and was so caught up in her character that she slapped my chin with the notebook she was holding. That was so funny, really, guys. Watch out for that scene, guys. I am sure direk caught that on camera.

Can you guys send a special message to our Inquirer readers, to watch the episode on Sunday?

Paul Salas: Please watch the episode of “Regal Studio Presents: Monaylisa and Me” on Sunday, 4:30 p.m. And to all the readers of, Happy, happy New Year! Happy 2022. I hope 2022 will be positive vibes for all of us. Let’s face the year with courage and extra care. I pray you all will be safe. I pray the New Year will be okay for all of you.

Anthony Rosaldo: To all the readers of, I know this year is again different from the usual years that we had. [What] I just want to say is that you guys are really doing good. And everybody has been doing well and fighting this. And we have all adjusted. So, I am proud of you, guys. Hang in there. Don’t give up. Should we get sick, get a cough, or have a cold, don’t be afraid. Just keep on fighting. All this will come to an end. Keep yourselves safe. Take care of your families. And also, I invite all of you to watch, on Sunday, “Regal Studio Presents: MonayLisa and Me.” I hope that as you watch this, you will forget all the problems you have and we shall be able to bring a smile to your faces and hearts. Thank you. I hope you will support us in this episode. Happy New Year!


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