LOOK: Coney Reyes fondly remembers Julie Vega

While going through photos, Coney Reyes stumbled upon something that made her remember the good old days—one of them was working with the late Julie Vega.

The 64-year-old actress shared a story about Vega, as she shared a moment of them together on her Instagram post Tuesday.

Reyes showed a photo of herself and Vega while on the set of the movie “Lovingly Yours, Helen: The Movie” from 1984.

She remembered that while filming, they shared the bed and hotel room they were staying in. “She couldn’t sleep without putting her leg over mine,” Reyes said. “She called it ‘making tanday’ (putting a pillow in between the legs while sleeping).”

And what does she think of Vega? Reyes described her as “a very sweet, cheerful young lady… and a very sensitive actress.”

Vega, who was considered one of the promising actresses back in the day, died in 1985 due to cardiac arrest as a result of pneumonia. She was 16.  /ra


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