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Movie Review: ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ / Exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

12:10 AM September 18, 2018

‘The Hopeful Romantic’ poster. Photo from REGAL ENTERTAINMENT, INC

This movie spoke to me. Why so? Well, it brings to mind why we guys would do anything for the “girl of our dreams”.

Never mind if it puts us in humiliating circumstances, problematic situations, and dire straits. In many ways, it is a hard case of “blind love” so that we are only following our hearts and not our heads. Yet, for us, it almost makes complete sense to do “anything” to please the girl and make her stay and never go away for any reason whatsoever. And most especially if it is someone who looks like a Ritz Azul.


To be in love is such a great feeling because it takes you to cloud nine. However, to be in love can also be a pain in the a**! What if the girl you have fallen for is only a gold digger? Or someone who has multiple affairs and you find out that you are not the only one who has been taken on a wild rollercoaster ride of “false love”? You will not only end up broken-hearted and with an empty pocket as well but worse, one big fool for love. Yes! Love does cost money in the literal sense; it is economics, after all. How can you take out the girl you fancy out to a nice restaurant if you are broke?


These predicaments, problems, head-scratching scenes. and many more are tackled and dealt with in ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ by Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Now, onto my proper movie review of ‘The Hopeful Romantic’.


Let me just say, first, that this movie was such a wonderful blast ! It was so hysterically funny, raunchy, and wild that I was so tuned in to it from beginning to end, time just flew. Before I knew it, the movie was over and how I wished there was more.

The smart casting choices in ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ are praiseworthy because the actors are so spot on and fitting for their roles. Ritz Azul who, in my eyes, is one of the most underrated young beautiful actresses in the country has been finally given a lead role in a movie.

She deserves this and it has been long awaited. Indeed, it is high time that she had her own movie and was the lead star of it. Ritz Azul was once a hidden gem that now has finally begun to sparkle and shine in a movie that utilizes and maximizes her acting gifts. Plus, ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ properly puts her beauty on display on the big screen which leaves moviegoers in awe. She is that good looking in a Filipina-modern way. Again, actresses like her have become rare and, for me, that unique Filipina appeal about her is an admirable quality that precisely sets her apart from her peers.

Pepe Herrera… what a pleasant surprise this guy is! He fits the bill perfectly as “the hopeless romantic” that you do not only laugh at him, laugh with him, but you also begin to empathize with the poor guy in all of his haphazard attempts to impress “Veronica” the onscreen character of Ritz Azul. Pepe Herrera’s character as “Jess” is someone all of us guys can see ourselves in–in many ways–if we will be honest with ourselves.

C’mon, let us get real here ! Have we not gone out of our way to win the heart of the girl we desire every chance we could do so ? “Jess” is us on the big screen in ‘The Hopeful Romantic’! Perhaps, just a scaled down version and not as lost, clueless, and idiotic as he is onscreen… or so we like to think. Hahaha!  A lovable onscreen character “Jess”, Pepe Herrera played so magnificently because he got us guys so embarrassed for him with his failed attempts to impress and win over his dream girl in the movie.

Ritz Azul and Pepe Herrera make an absolutely great onscreen pair because their unlikely pairing actually works so well. On paper, and upon first glance, you may think they do not match or physically are way too far apart. However, that is where the real magic actually lies. They clicked, hit it off, and got along so well that it shows in the movie. Honestly, you can’t fake that kind of camaraderie in a movie since moviegoers are very observant and can sense if something is not genuine.

There were a lot of scenes that made me feel “dreamy” that at times I had to shake my head a bit because I was getting so hooked onto the scenes so much. And, when you add to that movie experience the jaw-dropping beauty of Ritz Azul… WOW is all I can say!

I highly, highly recommend ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ for all. I kid you not when I say this movie is so freakin’ funny ! Laugh trip to the max ! Sasakit tiyan niyo kakatawa ! I want all of you to experience the nearly endless laughs and insanely funny moments that I experienced watching ‘The Hopeful Romantic’.

It has been years since I have enjoyed a local movie this much. For me, hands down, this is the best Filipino romantic-comedy/sexy comedy I have seen in the last 5 to 6 years, at least. It is that damn good and worth every peso to watch.

Catch it while you still can.

Lastly, guys and even girls can’t wait to see Ritz Azul  appear again in many more romantic comedies / sexy comedies.

My Score: 10/10


My exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

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Now, here are some of the photos I was able to take during the Red Carpet Premiere of ‘The Hopeful Romantic’.

Ahron Villena and Cacai Bautista. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Beverly Salvejo. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Dionne Monsanto. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Jenine Desiderio. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Mich Liggayu. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Ritz Azul and Pepe Herrera, Photo 1. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

Ritz Azul and Pepe Herrera. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

‘The Hopeful Romantic’ main cast. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

VJ Mendoza. Photo by JOSEPH R. ATILANO

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