Wil Dasovich on his comeback after cancer, how he feels about Alodia Gosiengfiao

Now that he’s cancer-free, Wil Dasovich is ready to take on the world again, starting with the Philippines.

In an interview with ANC’s Early Edition, he promised, “I’ll be back there very soon.”

He revealed that since he announced that he was cancer-free, “within an hour my manager’s phone just went through the roof” and that he has a hectic schedule ahead.

“The travels and everything is gonna come back. I’m just really excited for the comeback and to be able to come back home to the Philippines.”

The Fil-Am YouTuber credited professional cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao for getting him through the emotionally and physically exhausting treatments.

His vlogs show Gosiengfiao constantly by his side or even lying down with him in a San Francisco hospital as he underwent chemotherapy for his stage-3 colon cancer.

“She was just my rock. She makes me get emotional just thinking about it,” he said.

As an influencer in comic-book, anime and gaming communities, Gosiengfiao travels around the world for conventions and press conferences. She also runs an esports company called Tier One Entertainment.

Dasovich appreciated it when “she dropped most of everything and she spent the majority of the last 6 months here with me, taking care of me through chemotherapy.”

While he didn’t confirm their relationship, he admitted, “The way I feel about her is—I can’t put into words at the moment.”

Wilodia fans can possibly rejoice soon: “We got Valentine’s Day coming up so I wanna do something special with her.” He hinted that a special announcement could be made on that day.  Niña V. Guno  /ra


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