Tom Rodriguez ‘not homophobic’


DENNIS Trillo and Tom Rodriguez

“I’m not homophobic,” declared actor Tom Rodriguez, who portrays a gay character in the latest primetime  drama series “My Husband’s Lover” on GMA7.

“In this industry, it’s impossible not to work with gay people. I have tremendous respect for them,” he told the Inquirer on Tuesday.

In “My Husband’s Lover,” Rodriguez is Vincent, husband and father, who is in love with his high-school classmate Eric (Dennis Trillo). His wife Lally (Carla Abellana) learns of the affair but does not leave Vincent.

Rodriguez said, to prepare for the project, he watched gay-themed films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Love of Siam” and talked to people with similar stories.

“I found it very hard at first to believe that something like this could happen in real life,” he said.

His character, he said, was based on some of his makeup artist-friends.

Rodriguez, who auditioned for the role of Vincent, said he knew “it would be the most challenging role for me… I hope that, before the series ends, I’d have proven that I’m a capable actor.”

The 26-year-old admitted he was nervous doing love scenes with Trillo, 32. He attended a “sensuality workshop” with Trillo and Abellana.

“By the time we needed to do the scenes, they weren’t so difficult anymore,” Rodriguez said. He said Trillo was a good actor, humble and giving, despite numerous awards won.

Rodriguez added, “Dennis and I discussed how we could convince the audience that our characters were in love. Since Dennis had played a similar role in the past, he became the guide.”

Rodriguez was introduced to Filipino audiences at 22, when he joined the ABS-CBN reality talent search “Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up.”

He was first seen on the big screen in the hit comedy “Here Comes the Bride” (2010) and was in the 2011 remake of “Temptation Island.”

Before transferring to GMA7, he was in Kapamilya’s “Angelito: Batang Ama” and “Be Careful with My Heart.”

“My Husband’s Lover,” written by Suzette Doctolero and directed by Dominic Zapata, also features Kuh Ledesma, Chanda Romero, Victor Basa and Karel Marquez. The series premiered last Monday, replacing “Love and Lies” on GMA7’s primetime block.


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  • mnlmad

    Congrats to GMA’s most provocative and original teleserye.

  • Miguel37

    This one is good. Been watching since it premiered

  • RiverHorse

    kaya dumadami mga bakla sa pilipinas, pinipromote kasi. pag nagkalecheleche kung ano ano sisisihin. konting sense of responsibility naman GMA-7!

    • jojo webmail

      agree.. these homo’s live an immoral lifestyle, and people treat them like saints.

      • RiverHorse

        i am not a moral crusader. my view is quite different. marami na sira ulo sa mundo, nde natin kailangan i-justify ang sayad sa ulo ng mga bakla’t tibo by creating these kind of shows. yes, you heard me… may sayad yung mga yun.

      • octo9er

        @jojoisagaysname – you obviously had some bad experiences with gay people just judging by your hate. And yes, calling someone a “homo” is quite immoral.

        @riverhorseshit – should we take your statement to mean na isa ka sa mga sira ulo at may sayad? Then, I say ok to whatever you say. Because it doesn’t hold any weight, basura lang.

      • RiverHorse

        what i say may not hold weight to you and yet you still thought it was necessary to reply. similar to the logic of saying “i would not dignify that with a response,” yet that in itself was a response. MALAKAS PALA TAGAS NG UTAK MO. hahahahahahahaha!

      • octo9er

        “it doesn’t hold any weight” and “i would not dignify that with a response” are not similar at all logically. I think you just said that just to have a comeback. Well, you might have felt better after saying that then good for you. Reality is, we always (including you) respond to things that “don’t hold any weight”. It doesn’t mean I’m dignifying your trash talk. I was just trying to help you understand and not be hateful. Kasi I have time to spare to help unfortunate close-minded souls. Maybe walang chance but at least I tried di ba? Hopefully, you understand kahit tumatagaktak ang tagas ng utak mo.

      • RiverHorse

        trying to help who understand? me? i am beyond that. i was open minded with these gays and lesbians years ago until i realized the reason why they proliferate – most of them by trauma, some by the environment they were exposed to and a very small number by some medical anomaly. all of which can be corrected. the problem is most “open-minded” people think it’s perfectly alright. try telling that to those who are constantly harassed by these whatever-they-are.

        i have challenged some of these gays and lesbians to undergo an MRI of the brain to see if there is really nothing wrong with them and guess what, NOBODY HAS TAKEN UP THE CHALLENGE. why do you think that is the case?

      • octo9er

        And your traumatic experience with them made you this way?

        I bet if you’re willing to shoulder ALL COSTS of them undergoing an MRI with a substantial compensation if you’re proven wrong, more will accept your offer.,

      • RiverHorse

        me proven wrong? it’s not gonna happen. besides, i am not the one who insists that gays, lesbians and the like are normal.

    • Miguel37

      So far been watching the episodes from day one and not a single instance that homosexuality was promoted. In fact, if you watch and listen and understand intently what the show is portraying is the reality. Ano ba talaga nangyayari. I’ve friends who are in the same situation. The world is not as ideal as what you may have in mind. his is the reality and I salute GMA for bringing this up. The show is rated SPG and just for mature audiences. Kung makitid utak mo, you watch vice ganda instead.

      • RiverHorse

        and what do you call this article??? isn’t this a way of promoting it? one more reason why i do not support local television is that it promotes the proliferation of huge asshouls like you.

      • octo9er

        @riverhorse: This article promotes a TV series. Like all of the 99% other articles about other TV series “promoting straight lifestyles” be it about infidelity, prostitution, criminality. Don’t make this about anything else other than what it really is – a TV series about one segment of society.

        And you not supporting local television says more about yourself than the industry, Your name says it all. One less bigot in our society is great. Good riddance!

      • RiverHorse

        see what i mean… look at how you and your kind think. just because one does not agree with you, you call them bigots. what do you call your kind who harasses guys like me and do all sorts of crazy stuffs just because we do not respond to their advances the way they want us to? i call that SICK. you can say all you want about the article but the fact still remains, it refers to something that is against nature and and about something sickening (like you).

      • Miguel37


      • RiverHorse

        there is none more sickening than gays harassing men and boys or gays feeding their delusions of being female. classic case of narcissistic personality disorder, simply put – CRAZY.

      • Leann Zarah

        Are you saying that all gays have NPD? Excuse me, not all gays harass other people nor have the “delusions of being female”. Sexual orientation is different from gender identity – i.e., homosexuality is NOT synonymous with transgenderism. If you don’t know the meaning of these concepts, then please do some research.

        Gays are simply attracted to other men – that’s their nature. If you don’t understand that or simply doesn’t want to understand that, fine. That’s your opinion, but please, temper your words. If the same hateful, discriminating statements are said about you, how would you feel?

        Also, how sure are you that homosexuality among humans has no biological basis when there are homosexual plants and animals? Was it God’s mistake to have “created” homosexual plants and animals? Is there anyone of us living now and commenting here who was present when God supposedly created the world for you to say that being gay is “something that is against nature”? I hope you don’t use the Bible as the basis for your opinion because I don’t think Jesus would even agree with you, if He were alive.

        If ever you’ve got some bad experiences with gays, then I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. However, it’s not fair to generalize. There are gays who are good people and who are compassionate towards others, even to those who hate them, unlike some heterosexuals.

        By the way, I don’t think you are a member of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to be qualified to say that gays and lesbians are mentally deranged. The last time I’ve checked, homosexuality has not been cited in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for the past 27 years. Mental illness can affect or happen to anyone regardless of sexual orientation.

      • RiverHorse

        i find it VERY DISTURBING that people try (very hard) to find a plausible excuse for bad behavior. homosexual or transgender does not really matter, it’s still not natural. psychiatric associations also do not mean a thing to me since i base my thoughts on simple logic and common sense. you are correct that the APA has not classified homosexuality as a mental disorder BUT have you tried to isolate the traits of homosexuals? the way i see it, all the signs of being off the rocker are there. to me, it seems that AT LEAST, homosexuality is A RESULT of psychological factors if homosexuality is not considered a disorder by itself.

        the point is, gays and lesbians are doing everything to lobby for special rights which are already inherent to everybody. they are not like african-americans of old who were classified as sub-human just because of their skin color. as a matter of fact, gays and lesbians are more of bullies than victims.

      • Guest

        Your comments are EQUALLY VERY DISTURBING.

        We don’t know each other personally, so I’ve opted to focus on your comments. Guess you think of yourself as far more superior than others whose opinions don’t match yours.

        That’s all. Thank you.

      • RiverHorse

        you’re welcome. i don’t think of myself as superior to others. i just think logically and with common sense. i do not complicate matters to suit my whims like what gays, lesbians and others are trying to do.

      • Guest

        Your comments are EQUALLY VERY DISTURBING.

        We don’t know each other personally, so I’ve opted to focus on your
        comments. Guess you think of yourself as far more superior than others
        whose opinions don’t match yours.

        That’s all. Thank you.

      • Leann Zarah

        “i don’t think of myself as superior to others. i just think logically and with common sense.” – As if other people who don’t agree with your views are incapable of thinking “logically and with common sense”. Oh well…

      • RiverHorse

        if that’s how you read it then it’s not my problem. it also hints paranoia on your part. typical. and i am already bored with this topic. move on!

      • Leann Zarah

        same to you!

      • RiverHorse

        wow! hints of having an obsessive personality as well! TYPICAL, just typical!

      • octo9er

        And if I use your “logic”, yes, you are TYPICAL. A typical closeted homo trying to coverup your suppressed desires by maligning members of the LBGT community.

        Enough said. Move on.

      • RiverHorse

        wow! what a case of emotional transference you got there. you’re not really wise are you? you claim to be alright with gays and lesbians but based on how you accuse me of being gay, you have the same notion on gays that i do – that there is something wrong with them (including you) to say the least. with this flip-flop approach of yours, take your advice and move on! your obsession would be your own undoing, GAY LOSER. ahahahahaha!!!

        BAKLA ka na LOSER ka pa! double whammy!

      • octo9er

        @RiverHorse:disqus You call me sickening without knowing me at all. Believe it or not, I’m straight. Not that it matters really. But you obviously jump into unfounded conclusions and now we know why – you feel all gays are after you, that all gays go after any male specie. And yes I called you a bigot. Because you are. Look it up.

      • RiverHorse

        and suddenly you go on the defensive. hahahaha! what, you straight?! who in h3ll are you trying to kid??? you can tell that to the marines and shove it up your a*s… oh, wait! you would love that, wouldn’t you? hahahahaha. jury is still out about being a bigot BUT you still have to go to a shrink. identity crisis coupled with narcissistic behavior is very, very dangerous. your use of “@” does not have any use here, gay terd. this is not twitter. ahahahahaha!!!

      • octo9er

        Maybe you should experiment using “@” here and maybe it’ll open your eyes and mind.

        sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, the harshest gay critics are the most closeted gays… are you harsh? ;-)

      • RiverHorse

        yet you immediately discontinued the use of the “@” sign. i am not a believer of the saying it takes one to know one. since i do not recognize you as being male, you are most likely gay. closeted gay, huh? in your demented dreams!

      • octo9er

        Unfortunately, if you are familiar with technology, it is not perfect. It does not work on smartphones and sometimes even on desktop computers.Your opinion about me doesn’t really matter. What matter is your opinion about gay people in general. And that’s what I don’t agree with.

        “Closeted gay huh?” Are you referring to your situation? Come out already and stop being too defensive that you’re straight. Lalong sumasangsang na amoy mo habang humahaba itong discussion.

      • RiverHorse

        if you don’t share my views about gays, WHO BLOODY CARES?! hindi mo naman ako pinapakain, or do you and your kind think you own the world and that we owe you something?

        like i said before, ok naman dati mga bakla para sa akin UNTIL they concocted the notion that you have special rights like gay marriage. by the way, nag pa MRI ka na ba sa utak? ang lakas talaga ng tagas ng utak mo. self-serving arguments mo kasi. you might be suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). you can really bore the sh!t out of somebody, GAY LOSER!

      • bulalakaw

        very well said… wink, wink

      • fuctore

        You champion the gay community by promoting this show and yet you drag them down by insulting one of their kind.
        FYI, Vice Ganda is just one of gay varieties we have in the midst of the so called gay stereotypes. Vice , behind the facade of eccentricity and out loud flamboyance ,is a witty and intelligent celebrity.
        His humor may not suit you unlike his audience, but I tell you, Hindi makikitid ang utak nila.

  • bulalakaw

    Kudos to GMA’s brave decision to air a series about this sensitive topic — very timely indeed. Hats off to MHL’s production team dahil napakaganda ng execution. Sana lang ma-maintain ito throughout the life of the series. Once again, GMA has exhibited pure social responsibility by not perpetuating the notion that Philippine gays are NOT only the ‘sex pig’ variety who sing, dance, throw jokes at the expense of well-respected and internationally recognized personalities, and jump hoops like a trained canine. A well-deserved applause!

    • Eddwardd

      very well said…

      • bulalakaw

        Thank you Eddwardd. Almost missed your post.

    • fuctore

      Wow, what about the tribe of Eat Bulaga and Bubble Gang, who always utilize gay stereotypes as template for absurd humor.
      Applause your a–.

  • maysayako

    for sure magagalit na naman ang mga born against na may mga “i am holier than you” at “you’re gay so you’re a sinner and will go to hell!” complex. ano kaya masasabi ng mga hypocrites na sina miriam quiambao, kuhpal ledesma, gary vaduy, etc, etc

    • Kristoffer Atienza

      where is your hate coming from?

  • Meow Ming

    Tuwang tuwa yung mga baklang writer, directors, producers, PAs, nagawan na naman nila ng role na bakla ang mga hunk actors.

  • kilabot

    no other story except perversion.
    the surgeon general warns:
    hpv is to oralsex,
    as hiv/aids is to analysex.

  • RiverHorse

    o sige, nde lahat pero majority lang ng naka encounter ko malakas maka harass. yan ang sinasabi ko – kung nde sang ayon sa inyo mga tao “IPAGDASAL MO NDE KA MAGKAROON NG ANAK NA BAKLA” ang lagi nyong linya. like i said before, MAS BULLY KAYONG MGA BAKLA AT TIBO lalo pag nde pinansin yung advances nyo. research? why do you think i commented on the article in the first place? oh yeah, kasi I ALREADY DID!

    why don’t you just tell your kind to shut up and keep silent . kaya nagiingay kaming matitino dahil sa mga bakla’t tibo na nagkakalat. we don’t like the sh!t you and your kind are forcing us to accept.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

    • Floricello Braithwaite

      I hope you’re not angry with your capitalizations. Well, I’m so sad for you. Think whatever you want to think! But you cannot stop change, and you should be the one to shut your mouth! Wala kang ibang cnasabi kundi hatred and homophobia! Wow, tpos kami pa ngaun ang bully? Well, sorry ka nlang, it seems your mindset is stucked since the ancient times.

      Go ahead, say anything you want to say, soon you will die, and more and more younger generations will replace your existence in this world. And regarding sa “IPAGDASAL MO NDE KA MAGKAROON NG ANAK NA BAKLA?” well I hope you’re actually doing it ryt now, bcoz soon you will see hatred by other people being imposed against your gay child!… At ngaun may paquotes quotes kp? cge ako rin:

      “I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist”
      ― Gena Showalter, Seduce the Darkness

      “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”
      ― Maya Angelou

      “I will never waste a minute thinking about people who don’t like gays and lesbians.”
      ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

      “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.”
      ― George Bernard Shaw

      Live with those “Padre Damasos!”

      • RiverHorse

        i can only think of one ironic yet appropriate quote for someone like you:

        “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

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