Sponge Cola on single ‘Tatlong Buwan,’ love for K-dramas

Sponge Cola on ‘Queen of Tears’-inspired single ‘Tatlong Buwan’

/ 08:31 PM May 27, 2024

Sponge Cola. Image: Courtesy of Sony Music Philippines

Sponge Cola. Image: Courtesy of Sony Music Philippines

Sponge Cola has always been a fan of great narratives. Whether it’s a book, play, film, or even the hit K-drama “Queen of Tears,” the four-piece OPM band has the knack for translating beautiful stories into music — which is evident in their new single “Tatlong Buwan.”

Like many K-drama fans, Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon found himself being captivated by the love story of Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) in “Queen of Tears.” His love for the hit series — particularly its 10th episode — culminated in Yuzon immediately writing a song about loving someone forever.


“It’s the idea of releasing something so intense. I don’t think I’ve ever written a song this intense in a while. It’s been a long time since I’ve written something like this since I mostly write about basketball these days,” Yuzon told INQUIRER.net in an exclusive interview. “It goes back to my roots of writing about a love story that is not necessarily mine, but a fictional love story.”


According to Yuzon, the song was done on the spur of the moment. He and his bandmates Gosh Dilay, Armo Armovit, and Tedmark Cruz were in the middle of working on a new song when Yuzon wrote “Tatlong Buwan.” The vocalist turned the lyrics to Gosh, considered the group’s “Filipino editor,” who then described as a “free-flowing” steam of emotions.

“I don’t think the song is relatable because it’s solely about a married couple. When you look at your parents or titos and titas, you sort of have an idea of what being married is about,” Yuzon said while admitting he sometimes takes the form of a “divorce lawyer” to friends going through the same marital problems.

“Kim Soo-hyun presents a character who’s relatable. I also know a lot of guys like him who are willing to accept anything. Having the pressure of being judged by the other side of the family or your in-laws is very common,” he continued.

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One of the highlights of “Tatlong Buwan” is the coda, “Ang aking buhay / Kahit ulit-ulitin / Ika’y pipiliin / Ang aking buhay / Kahit ulit-ulitin / Ika’y pipiliin ko.” This led to Yuzon saying the single can be a reminder to couples that there’s nothing wrong in being upfront about your love, like Baek and Hong in the hit series.


However, the musician noted that expressing and accepting love depends on the couple and what works for them.

Yuzon’s love for K-dramas

Yuzon said his foray into turning his love for K-dramas into music began with “Start-Up,” which continued with “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and “Queen of Tears.” But Yuzon always found inspiration in “great narratives” for the band’s music, saying he’s a fan of how K-dramas highlight emotions and storytelling at the same time.

“K-dramas are built to be an outpouring of emotions. I knew ‘Queen of Tears’ was going to be intense because it was already mentioned in its press conference. This made it so easy to write,” he said. “Kim Soo-hyun is the kind of actor wherein you can feel his emotions through the screen. Sometimes, I would get close to it and tell him, ‘It’s okay.’”

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Yuzon considered himself “OA” (a euphemism for someone who is extra or goes all-out), even when it comes to his love for K-dramas. He also shared that he and his wife Karylle enjoy watching Korean series in their free time.

For the couple, an ideal set-up includes Karylle cooking or ordering Korean food and ensuring there are no glasses near their sofa. “She would sometimes cook pork with kimchi. We also make sure that there should be no glasses near the sofa because when we start watching, I tend to kick around. It’s really part of our preparation.”

“OA ako so kapag naiiyak ako, tumitingin sa’kin ang wife ko. Sinasabi niya sa’kin, ‘Wala pang nangyayari. Kumakain lang sila.’ Sasabihin ko foreshadowing ‘yun,” he continued while laughing. (I’m OA so when I tear up, I look at my wife. She tells me, “Nothing’s happening yet. They’re just eating.” I would say it’s a foreshadowing.)


While some consider K-dramas as a “corny” hobby, Yuzon reiterated that he’s “unapologetic” with the things he likes. “Sometimes, people like to define themselves with the things they like. For me, I like what I like.”

“If you don’t like what I like, it’s okay. You do you. I do me,” he continued. “I don’t have to say sorry for it because it’s a great way of living life. Life is short, live your life, like what you like.”

The musician pointed out that the “feminine” perception of K-dramas is made by judgmental people. And with this, he would rather focus on himself and what he likes.

“People would see liking things like K-dramas as feminine, but it’s perceived by someone judgmental. I’m gonna worry about me. It’s something I like so it’s not my problem, it’s a you problem. We shouldn’t be put in a box,” he said.

“Tatlong Buwan” was released on April 24 and an accompanying music video was dropped two days later. The video features the filming locations of “Queen of Tears” including Hoenamu Restaurant, Geonji Village, and Korean Stone Art Museum, to name a few.

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