Billy Zane transforms into Marlon Brando in biopic filming

Billy Zane transforms into Marlon Brando in biopic filming

Billy Zane as Marlon Brando. Image: Instagram/@billyzane

Billy Zane left fans in awe after he gave a glimpse of his transformation as the late “Godfather” star Marlon Brando for the latter’s biopic “Waltzing with Brando.”

Zane looked almost identical to the activist and Oscar-winning actor in the photos taken while he was filming the upcoming movie, shared on his Instagram page last May 16.

“The true story of Marlon as the ‘Godfather’ of the environmental movement, spearheading sustainable, zero carbon architecture and design upon his private Island of Tetiaroa back in 1970!” he captioned the post.

Speaking about Brando in an interview with Deadline, Zane said, “Back then no one would touch causes. He championed civil rights, he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. He walked the walk for civil rights; he did it for Indigenous rights. What no one knows about is what he did for the environment as an activist and the foresight he had on what in fact would [become] a climate crisis.”

“Waltzing with Brando” is based on the book of the same name authored by the late actor’s architect, Bernard Judge. It chronicles the story of the two after Brando hired Judge to work with him on the actor’s environmental projects in his 12-island atoll of Tetiaroa, Tahiti.

The movie will also reportedly re-create moments from Brando’s films “The Godfather” and “Last Tango in Paris.”

The biopic, announced in 2019, also stars Tia Carrere, Richard Dreyfuss, Jon Heder, Alaina Huffman and Rob Corddry. It is directed by Bill Fishman, who also co-produced the film alongside Zane and Dean Bloxom.

The release date for “Waltzing with Brando,” which was earlier up for acquisition at the Cannes Film Festival, has yet to be announced as of this writing.

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