Dominic Roque says he’s now ‘okay,’ ‘happy’ after split with Bea Alonzo

Dominic Roque says he's now 'okay,' 'happy' after split with Bea Alonzo

Dominic Roque’s phone wallpaper is Bea Alonzo | Images: Facebook, Bonal Robel/Instagram, @beaalonzo

Dominique Roque appears to be doing well after his split with ex-fiancee Bea Alonzo, and has even changed his mobile phone wallpaper.

In a recent interview with reporters, Roque was asked if he still kept a picture of Alonzo as his phone’s wallpaper. This was in reference to a screengrab of a video that made the rounds of social media in April where the actress’ photo visible on Roque’s phone screen as he was about to take a selfie with other people.

“Wala, iba na,” he said pertaining to the wallpaper. “Nasan ba ‘yung phone ko, wala pala [dito],” intending to show the media that he did change it.

When asked how he had been the last few months, Roque gave a simple, confident answer: “I’m OK. I’m happy, actually. Everything is OK.”

@mjmarfori #fyp Busy si #DominicRoque sa kanyang production company na Blackpeak Hypermedia na kliyente ang #Mwell at PLDT para sa kanilang CSR projects. #showbiz #entertainmentnewsph #BeaAlonzo ♬ original sound – @mjmarfori on IG

The day after Roque’s phone wallpaper trended, Alonzo appeared to have taken down their Instagram photos together, including their joint statement about their breakup posted on February 11.

Despite deleting their photos together, the Kapuso actress kept some of her photos taken by her ex-boyfriend, retaining his Instagram handle as credit in the captions.

Roque said that following their breakup, he has been keeping himself busy with work, travel and his hobbies.

The ex-couple hasn’t been spotted doing any interaction, even on social media, but Roque occasionally still likes Alonzo’s Instagram posts, including her post dated Thursday, April 11.

Bea Alonzo’s April 11 post on Instagram

As of today, May 21, the former couple are still following each other on Instagram.

Alonzo and Roque publicly confirmed their relationship in 2021, before getting engaged two years later. The pair announced the “end of their engagement” in February of this year without disclosing the reason for their split.

“After much thought, consideration, and care, we have decided to amicably end our engagement. It was not an easy decision. We wanted to have more time to carefully deliberate and pray about it, but there have been many speculations, questions, and insults,” they wrote.

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