Movies and series about faith, hope for Holy Week reflection

Movies and series about faith, hope for Holy Week reflection

/ 08:00 AM March 28, 2024

Movies and series about faith, hope for Holy Week reflection | Image:

Movies and series about faith, hope for Holy Week reflection | Image:

For most people, the Holy Week break is the best time to do our religious practices. For others, it is a time to catch up on sleep and rest, but for some, it is also the time to watch movies and series that can serve as bonding time with family or a time to self-reflect. Given that this period is for downtime, lying on the couch and watching stories that offer a good message for spiritual reflection or kind contemplation could be worth some of our time.

The lent season is the best time to revisit some biblical stories that have been adapted to screen, may it be the life of Jesus Christ or one of his apostles. So here’s a list of movies and series not just about God, but stories that depict faith, hope, humanity, and family that we all need at this moment in our lives.



Mary Magdalene

A story about Jesus (Joaquin Phoenix) told in the perspective of Mary Magdalene (Rooney Mara), one of His followers and a witness to His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Confined by the rules and expectations of her family and society, Mary Magdalene fights for her beliefs and autonomy, pushing the boundaries of tradition. Mary Magdalene becomes a beacon of faith and self-reliance, embodying the traits of a loyal devotee and a passionate rebel. She listens to and spreads Jesus’ words and doctrines, and she takes them on a personal, profound level. 

Mary Magdalene is worth watching this Holy Week and Women’s Month because it gives the message of how important women’s beliefs and judgment are, regardless of how often society tells them that their opinions do not matter or that they do not have a place in men’s world. Mary Magdalene, as said to be the only female disciple of Jesus, proves to the people around her that she is not weak, despite the expectations of her time. Mary Magdalene gives the message that spirituality is personal and that our faith is something worth fighting for in a world full of cruel judgment and people. This film also shows how humane and real Jesus is, how He feels a great and deep sense of love and faith for those around Him and the world He lives in. 

Paul, Apostle of Christ

A story about what it takes to be a believer and how faith comes with a heavy price. Following the story of how Luke (Jim Caviezel) makes a journey to Rome to remind Paul (James Faulkner), the apostle, that hope and humanity prevails as he awaits execution. Despite the struggle for the Christians under the rule of Emperor Nero, Luke serves as a beacon of grace and compassion, while Paul proves how powerful spiritual faith is, even on his last days. This is the story about the people who paved the way for the greater good.

With its historical and biblical references from the book of Acts, this is a film to evoke inspiration for the next generation to persevere amid the struggle to fight for their values and faith, given the cruelty of the world and its people. This is a good watch for Holy Week as it tries to answer the persistent question, “If God loves you, why does He let you suffer?” This story shows the inner will that overcomes the confusion and darkness.

His Only Son

A telling of one of the most popular stories in the Bible. God commands Abraham (Nicolas Mouawad) to offer his only son, Isaac (Edaan Moskowitz), as a sacrifice to test Abraham’s obedience. Isaac is an answered prayer for Abraham and his wife, Sarah (Sara Seyed), as she struggles with childbearing. Despite the impression of blind faith, Abraham prepares to do the unthinkable and shows that no one understands God’s plans but Him alone, and one could only hold on to faith that the reason will be revealed despite not knowing when or how.

This movie is worth checking out for Holy Week if the viewer is more after the story and the message it comes with, as this does not offer an extravagant cinematography considering it is a low budgeted film. This film is merely for quiet and reflection on one’s faith and how every story in the Bible serves its purpose to the story of Jesus. 

Miracles from Heaven

A story based on real life that the whole family can watch. A faith-based movie focused on Christy Beam (Jennifer Garner) and her husband Kevin (Martin Henderson), who are faced with utter devastation and questions as they learn that one of their daughters, 10-year-old Anna (Kylie Rogers), suffers from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, a rare intestinal disease. 

This film is worth the time spent bonding with the family, as it serves as a reminder that hope and love are the most important things that overcome any challenges. This tearjerker will inspire the viewers that miracles exist, and they don’t have to be grand. Sometimes being able to spend time with your loved ones amid the fleeting lives we all have is enough of a miracle in our daily lives.

The Prince of Egypt

A film for the children and those who are kid at heart who prefers their stories animated. The movie simply retells the book of Exodus and the story of how Moses freed his people from slavery. This is a narrative about two brothers who love each other to the core, but they are separated by their differences in beliefs and religion. This presents a conflict between the good and the bad and shows how it draws a line between faith and blood relations.

This classic is worth revisiting or watching for the first time this Holy Week because animated biblical stories are a rare find on the cinematic screen. This also has an iconic soundtrack (When You Believe) and voice-over by an A-list stellar cast (Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sandra Bullock, among others). This film is visually appealing and gives us complex characters that depict the importance of faith, values, and identity.


The Two Popes

Inspired by true events, this is a compelling drama that paints an intimate approach to the transitions of power in the Christian church, following Cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce), who requests permission to retire in 2012 from Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins). This series centers on how having a fundamentally different view of things can still be a meeting point for shared creativity and meaningful conversation.

This series might be worth checking out if you are into dialogue-driven narratives that are brought to life by incredible performances. It provides an insightful look into moral responsibility and the underpinnings of faith. The Two Popes take a humanistic approach, sending the message that whatever is happening to the world, we all contributed. So let our contribution be good.

The Chosen

For those who loved the film “The Passion of Christ,” this series, The Chosen, is a good alternative to the long-form version of a historical drama based on the life of Jesus. This series gives an authentic and intimate look at Jesus’ ministry with the people around him who have seen his groundbreaking teachings and heartbreaking sufferings.

Like any Jesus- or faith-centered narrative, The Chosen offers deeply moving and utterly inspiring events and characters who might be worth drawing inspiration and strength from during this Holy Week season. This series is beautifully brought to life and gives a well-acted and well-written representation of our Creator.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

A documentary centered on the power of faith and religion. This documentary gives an intelligent look at how profound the differences in people’s beliefs are, but how they are still the one thing that binds people together. This series shows the fundamental evolution of the concept of God and the unfolding of humanity. Morgan Freeman takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery and the challenge of this generation and the next in defining our beliefs, values, and humankind.

The Bible

This miniseries brought the Bible to life, with the first half telling Old Testament stories (Abraham, David, Daniel, Samson, etc.), followed by the second half transitioning into the New Testament, telling of the ministry of Jesus Christ and his subsequent crucifixion and resurrection.

This miniseries is worth delving into this Holy Week if you want to see Biblical narratives on screen. This story might invoke a tear or two, given how affecting and inspiring the story of Jesus Christ is and the people around him. This series might also be fitting for the generation that hasn’t had the chance to read the Bible, who wants to come up with their own definition of faith, and who also wants to question the political or historical accuracy of the sacred text.

The Good Place

This modern series is popular among the current generation as it is a narrative that meets more than an eye as it touches on various and different themes that sometimes hide in between. This series might be worth binge-watching this season as it gives a room for self-reflection, imagination, and entertainment, especially for people who want to make this world a better place.

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