Ricardo Cepeda’s brother appeals for help for detained actor’s legal fees

Ricardo Cepeda's brother appeals for help for detained actor's legal fees

Image: GoFundMe

Robert Go, twin brother of currently detained actor Ricardo Cepeda, set up a fundraising effort for the latter as he admitted that the financial burden of his legal battle has already been “overwhelming.”

Robert made a GoFundMe account for Ricardo, who’s currently detained after being arrested back in October 2023 on charges of syndicated estafa and violations of the Bouncing Check Law and the Securities and Regulation Code.

In a recent update posted on Thursday, Feb. 29, Robert once again appealed to their “compassionate supporters” as he disclosed that the actor’s hearing for bail was delayed until April.

“We come to you today with a heavy heart, bearing the latest update on Richard’s ongoing legal battle. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, and Richard needs your support now more than ever,” he said, referring to the actor by his real name.

“With 23 hearings scheduled between February and June 2024, the financial burden is overwhelming. Each court appearance costs at least $500.00 (over P28,000), in addition to mounting attorney’s fees,” he continued.

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Robert further lamented the “sluggishness” of the legal process in the country, but he emphasized that the public’s support, generosity and encouragement have been a “lifeline” for Ricardo and his family.

“[Richard] believes there is a purpose in his plight, an opportunity to shed light on the injustices faced by innocent individuals like himself. Richard understands that his fight is not just for himself but for others who may find themselves in a similar predicament,” Robert wrote.

“But the battle is far from over,” he stressed, urging supporters to spread awareness of Richard’s story and advocate for his release. “Your contributions will help cover his mounting legal costs, as he has no other source of income while he is detained.”

The fundraising account has already raised $6,813, or over P380,000, as of this writing.

Image: GoFundMe

Ricardo was arrested and jailed by Quezon City Police last Oct. 7. The actor has remained in police custody as syndicated estafa is a non-bailable offense.

Ricardo’s family including his partner, actress Marina Benipayo, and his stepson have spoken up on the matter and stressed that the actor was “wrongfully accused.”