Showbiz Roundup: Dominic Roque denies link to Jalosjos, Suntay

Showbiz Roundup: Dominic Roque on ‘malicious’ links to Jalosjos, Suntay

/ 12:33 PM February 25, 2024

Showbiz Roundup: Dominic Roque on ‘malicious’ links to Jalosjos, Suntay

(From left) Dapitan Mayor Bullet Jalosjos, Dominic Roque, Former Quezon City congressman Bong Suntay. Images: FILE PHOTOS

Dominic Roque made it to the top of entertainment news this week when he broke his silence amid insinuations on the cause of the end of his engagement with Bea Alonzo, shooting down “malicious” rumors linking him to Dapitan Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and former Quezon City congressman Bong Suntay.

Roque also sought the help of a law firm as he “strongly condemned” the “innuendos” made by showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin, while Jalosjos and Suntay are also mulling legal actions against her.


Meanwhile, Kim Chiu became emotional on the topic of moving on during “It’s Showtime’s” “Expecially For You” segment months after confirming her breakup with longtime boyfriend Xian Lim.


Another surprising turn of events was Baliwag City Mayor Ferdie Estrella criticizing GMA after an episode of its show “Abot Kamay na Pangarap,” after the name of the city was used as a derogatory remark against a deranged character.

On the other hand, the pageant community was turned upside down after former Miss Universe Organization (MUO) president Paula Shugart vowed to take legal action against co-owner Anne Jakrajutatip after the latter allegedly accused Shugart of accepting money “under the table” in favor of certain titleholders.

Allow us to guide you through the roundup of’s explosive showbiz news from the week of Feb. 16 to 22.

Dominic Roque vs Cristy Fermin

Dominic Roque and Cristy Fermin | Images: Instagram, @dominicroque/YouTube, Showbiz Now Na!

Dominic Roque and Cristy Fermin | Images: Instagram, @dominicroque/YouTube, Showbiz Now Na!

Dominic Roque broke his silence on what he called “malicious innuendos” made by showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin about his sexuality, via an official statement released by lawyers at the Fernandez & Singson Law Offices.

These allegations, which Fermin claimed in her vlogs, were among the reasons for Roque’s supposed split with Be Alonzo, and the subsequent scrapping of their wedding plans.

“We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin. These defamatory statements were made by Ms. Fermin under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm the same from Mr. Dominic Roque,” his lawyers said.


As Fermin mouthed Roque’s alleged involvements, the names of Dapitan Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and former Quezon City congressman Bong Suntay surfaced on various platforms as the politicians that Fermin was supposedly referring to. Jalosjos is the finance director of TAPE Inc., while Suntay is one of the owners of Cleanfuel gas company.

Roque’s lawyers said the actor-businessman has apologized to the two politicians for having being dragged into the public conversation “because of the malicious defamatory public innuendos of Ms. Fermin.”

Considering the rumors against Roque began after his breakup from Alonzo, Roque also belied the hearsay that the cause of their split was a prenuptial disagreement between them.

Bullet Jalosjos breaks his silence

Bullet Jalosjos, Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo | Image: Bandera

Bullet Jalosjos, Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo | Image: Bandera

Bullet Jalosjos likewise denied any involvement with Dominic Roque, as he explained why the latter’s condominium unit is written under his name, leading rumormongers to accuse him of being the actor’s “sugar daddy.”

Jalosjos then called out certain insiders who started the rumors and acknowledged how the netizens rode on them.

“Sana naman itong mga nagkakalat, claiming they are mga batikang journalist, sana naman ingat ingat rin,” he said. “They have responsibility to the people dapat fact-finding. Hindi ‘yung nalaman nila nasa pangalan ko ‘yung condo sugar daddy nako bigla. Ang problema doon sinakyan, ginagaslight nila ‘yung issue.”

The TAPE executive claimed he and Roque agreed to fix the condominium unit rent at only 50%. The actor has been renting the place for three years now.

Meanwhile, Suntay, who’s also being linked to Roque that he gave the actor a gasoline station franchise, said the latter is merely a brand ambassador for his gasoline business.

“Kung talagang magreresearch lang makikita nila as early as five years ago talagang brand ambassador na si Dominic. Ang nakakagulat nga ‘yung pinost pa nilang picture ‘yung contract signing namin ni Dom,” he said.

Bong to file ‘strongest case’

Bong Suntay to file 'strongest case' vs those linking him to Dominic Roque

(From left) Former Quezon City congressman Bong Suntay, Dominic Roque, and Bea Alonzo. Images: Instagram/@bongsuntay, Instagram/@beaalonzo

Suntay said he is also mulling to file a case against certain individuals who alluded to him as being a benefactor of Roque.

Suntay did not categorically name anyone whom he would sue, but he gave assurance that he would “file the strongest case” against the “most guilty” among those who spread malicious insinuations against him.

“Bullet [Jalosjos] also wants to file. I’m talking to my lawyers about what we could do. We’re just gathering whatever we could find. Hindi ko pa maipangalanan exactly against who,” he told GMA’s Unang Balita on February 22.

“Siyempre, we want to file the strongest case. Of course, when we file a case, we want to win. Of course, I’m a lawyer. Gusto ko kung sino ‘yung most guilty,” he said.

Before their statements, Roque, Suntay, and Jalosjos met earlier this week for a birthday party with one of their common friends.

Fermin claps back at Roque, Jalosjos, and Suntay

(From left) Cristy Fermin and Dominic Roque. Images: Screengrab from YouTube/One PH, Instagram/@dominicroque

(From left) Cristy Fermin and Dominic Roque. Images: Screengrab from YouTube/One PH, Instagram/@dominicroque

Fermin, meanwhile, is ready to play it tough, saying she wouldn’t apologize to Roque, Jalosjos, and Suntay.

“Wala po akong binanggit na pangalan. Napatunayan ko na ang condo unit [ni Roque] ay nakabanggit sa isang pulitiko [pero] wala akong binanggit. Puro katanungan ‘yun,” she said in the Feb. 21 episode of her show “Cristy Ferminute.”

The veteran show biz personality denied starting the rumors wherein either Jalosjos or Suntay were Roque’s benefactors, saying she didn’t mention any names in her vlogs..

At the same time, she accused Roque of being onion-skinned, even blaming him for not addressing the allegations sooner. She further said she had no malice nor ill-motive against Roque or even Bea Alonzo.

“Dominic Roque, ikaw dapat ang magbigay ng linaw kung sino ang pulitikong may ari ng condo unit. Hindi kailangan sa akin manggaling… Hindi ako nagsalita… ni hindi ko nga binanggit ang condo unit samantalang alam na alam ang address. Wala kayong narinig sa akin,” she said, adding that it was other vloggers who named the politicians, then used her as source.

“Dominic, dapat sa’yo nanggaling ang paglilinaw. Bakit pinatagal mo kasi. At ‘yung paghihiwalay niyo ni Bea Alonzo, tiniwangwang niyo kasi nang matagal na panahon. Binigyan niyo ng malinaw na pinto ang mga reporters, vloggers, at bashers para panghimasukan ang breakup niyo.”

Kim Chiu on moving on, acceptance

Kim Chiu turns emotional talking about moving on, acceptance

Kim Chiu | Image: YouTube/It’s Showtime

Kim Chiu broke down in tears as she shared her sentiments about moving on, saying acceptance is key, even if it’s painful.

During “It’s Showtime’s” “Expecially for You” segment on Feb. 14, Chiu and her fellow hosts were touched by a contestant named Fe who shared about separating from her husband after he cheated on her, yet she accepted him again seven years later given her love for him and their children. The husband, however, died during the pandemic.

Vice Ganda first offered his two cents, saying moving on from the death of a loved one is difficult. “Kapag nawalan ka ng mahal sa buhay, pinipilit mong mag-move on pero kahit san ka pumunta at kahit anong gawin mo, nakikita’t nararamdaman mo siya. Pupunta ka sa mall, gusto mo mag-enjoy, pero nararamdaman at naaalala mo siya.”

Chiu then pitched in and said everything that’s happening in people’s lives is meant to happen and that it is easy when they accept this mindset.

“Tsaka lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay natin, ‘di naman yon by chance or by accident. Lahat naman ng nangyayari sa buhay natin is written. Ginawa na ‘yon bago pa man tayo pinanganak. Mas madaling tanggapin ang lahat ng bagay,” she tearfully said.

The actress also said Fe’s life event was an example of how a situation that is meant to happen shapes someone’s personality. “So, parang lahat ng nangyayari sa bawat tao, like si Mommy Fe, hindi naman nangyari ang paghihiwalay nila by accident. Sadyang itinadhana ‘yon and then binalik sa kanya, and then tinanggal uli sa kanya, and that made her strong,” she added.

Baliwag slighted by ‘Abot Kamay na Pangarap’ episode

GMA reaches out to Baliwag Mayor after outcry over 'Abot Kamay' episode

“Abot Kamay na Pangarap” scene; Baliwag Mayor Ferdie Estrella. Image: screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network, Facebook/Ferdie Estrella

Baliwag City Mayor Ferdie Estrella expressed his dismay over an episode of the GMA series “Abot Kamay na Pangarap,” in which the name of the city was “made fun of” and was used to relate to a mentally deranged person.

In the Feb. 14 episode of the show, Pinky Amador’s character, who is detained, speaks to herself as she hears voices inside her head.

Her fellow inmates heard her talking to herself and laughed at her, with one of the characters saying she has a “screw loose.” Jackie Lou Blanco’s character agrees and says, “Nagdedeliryo na… Papunta na ito sa Baliwag, Bulacan.”

“Nabanggit ang pangalan ng Lungsod ng Baliwag kung saan ito ay ginamit bilang bahagi ng dayalogo ng isa sa mga karakter,” Estrella said in a statement on Feb. 15. “Sa naging dayalogo ay ginawang katatawanan ang Baliwag, Bulacan. Ito ay nakakalungkot dahil nagpapamalas ito ng kakapusan sa kaalaman at kawalan ng sensibilidad sa mga mahahalagang issues.”

Estrella underscored that the city is rich in history and culture and that it was home to Filipino heroes and artists. Further explaining the city name’s origin, he said that “Baliwag” means profound and that it arguably represents the profound wisdom of its people.

Estrella also pointed out that the scene “insults” and “makes fun of” the people who are suffering from a mental illness. “Isa pang punto sa usaping ito ay ang pang-insulto at gawing katatawanan ang kalagayan ng isang baliw.”

“Ang Lungsod ng Baliwag ay isa sa mga nagtataguyod ng adbokasiya sa mental health, kaya naman hindi rin kami sumasang-ayon sa pagpapalabas ng nakakasirang tema lalo pa at ikinakabit ang Baliwag bilang punchline o bagong katawagan para makapangpahiya ng sinuman,” he added.

The production team has yet to comment on the matter, as of this writing.

Paula Shugart vs Anne Jakrajutatip

Former Miss Universe head Paula Shugart eyes legal action vs Anne Jakrajutatip

(From left) Former MUO president Paula Shugart is eyeing to file a legal case against MUO owner Anne Jakrajutatip. Images: Screengrab from YouTube/Miss Universe, Instagram/@annejkn.official

Ex-Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart is mulling to take legal action against the pageant company’s current owner Anne Jakrajutatip, for alleging that she “took money under the table” to ensure certain titleholders won the global tilt.

In a statement on Feb. 19, Shugart said she is eyeing possible legal action taken against the MUO owner after she accused the former of taking money “to secure placements in Miss Universe competitions.”

“Recent false and outrageous comments made by Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip impugning my character have compelled me to break my silence,” she said.

“I would choose to ignore such assertions but by suggesting that I am corrupt and took money ‘under the table’ to secure placements in Miss Universe competitions, Jakrajutatip not only defames me, but she also discredits the women who have won the Miss Universe crown by implying their titles were ‘bought’ and not earned by merit,” she continued.

Shugart stressed that Jakrajutatip’s “reckless” allegations would tarnish the name of the pageant and its titleholders and that she couldn’t stay silent after such remarks were leveled against her.

The former MUO president asserted that she is bound to “speak the truth” while considering legal actions to take against Jakrajutatip. She also pointed out that she will let her “years of service” as the former head of the organization “speak for itself.”

“I am presently considering my legal options in Thailand and what actions I might take… it is imperative for the Miss Universe brand and its legacy that I immediately speak the truth and condemn these words before taking any action,” she said. “Anyone who knows me knows the truth and what I stand for. I will let my years of work with some truly incredible women speak for itself.”

Shugart’s post earned the support of former titleholders Brook Lee, Ximena Navarrete, Lupita Jones, ex-MUO talent director Esther Swan, Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan, and Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, and Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild also liked the post.

While Shugart didn’t state which of Jakrajutatip’s statements she was referring to, the latter caught the attention of pageant fans after stating her intention to “create prosperity in the universe” on her X (formerly Twitter) page.

“Firing (or, to put it politely, inviting me out) and resigning are different things… no one resigns!!!” Jakrajutatip said in Thai. She also accused a certain woman of implementing a “corporate culture” that allowed her to “do her own things,” even resorting to such things “under the table.”

“A corporate culture that has allowed one woman to do her own thing for 25 years is very dangerous for her to be able to do whatever she wants, under the table, anywhere,” she wrote. “When the real owner comes, who is a transgender woman from a country that you consider to be developing.”

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However, she has yet to issue a direct statement on Shugart’s possible legal actions, as of this writing.

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