Asia Artist Awards 2023: Our 10 favorite performances

Asia Artist Awards 2023: Our 10 favorite performances of the night

/ 03:54 PM December 21, 2023

Asia Artists Awards 2023 live updates – exclusive insights on top Asian talents! Join us now for the inside scoop!

(From left) Seventeen BSS, Stray Kids, NewJeans, SB19.

(From left) Seventeen BSS, Stray Kids, NewJeans, SB19. Images: Instagram/@dk_is_dokyeom, X/@Stray_Kids, Instagram/@newjeans_official, AAA Organizing Committee via X/@SB19Official.

Combining the electrifying energy of the Filipino crowd and explosive staging of the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 2023 performers in Bulacan was a match made in heaven, as the event was an unforgettable night for fans to express their support for all acts, and for the stars to let loose and have fun.

This year’s edition of the AAA—usually witnessed by fans through livestream in the past—turned out to be an extravaganza of performances, laughter and enjoyment between artists and fans. The Filipino crowd is known in concert circles as one of the most passionate, as they don’t just cheer for the singers. And the event was one of those examples. Fans sang every song on the top of their lungs, kept their lightsticks on, and cheered from start to finish.

This, in return, radiated in the faces of the performers last Dec. 14. Marrying the breathtaking visuals and their dedication to putting on a good show was nothing short of spectacular and it was indeed a night to remember.


Here’s a look at our 10 favorite performances in this year’s AAA, with Lapillus, Kep1er, HORI7ON, BoyNextDoor, Kwon Eunbi, ZEROBASEONE and AKMU as our honorable mentions.


1. Seventeen BSS

Starting off their performance with “7 PM” on Kim Sejeong, Kentaro Sakaguchi and Lee Dong-hwi’s table, which elicited surprised laughter from the audience, was the fitting introduction to Seventeen BSS as performers. DK, Hoshi and Seungkwan were hilarious, commanding and charismatic, bringing the Philippine Arena to its feet with “Fighting” with Lee Young-ji and “Just Do It.” The 12-minute performance was a theatrical extravaganza of vocals, dance and laughter—proving you can deliver a picture-perfect stage and have fun at the same time.

2. Stray Kids

Proving they deserve to win the Stage of the Year award, Stray Kids stayed true to their core of delivering an explosive performance of their songs “Maniac,” “Get Lit,” “Topline” and “Lalalala.” Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N. led the audience into an overwhelming frenzy from start to finish, as they didn’t rely on visual aids to make a statement. The octet relied on their stage presence, vocals, energetic moves and passion to make a 12-minute performance that will remain etched on people’s minds.

3. SB19 (with &TEAM for ‘Gento’)

The moment Josh kicked off SB19’s stage with a booming “Pilipinas,” it showed the group’s ability to produce a performance full of energy, hype and heart—in all their passionate glory. What made their set, which featured the songs “Gento” with &Team, Mana, Bazinga and Crimzone, all the more explosive was the innate hunger to prove that they’re here to stay. After all, their performance marked their first appearance as a group after settling the ownership of their group name—and there’s no better way to fully establish themselves as the rightful emperors of P-pop.


4. NewJeans

Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein (who couldn’t help but giggle at the cheers) have an ability to put a smile on anyone’s face—and their performance was proof enough of how many Filipinos they captivated with their undeniable charisma. NewJeans solidified their immense popularity in the country with a stage full of youthful charm, energetic presence, angelic vocals and groovy moves. The overwhelming screams were the perfect compliment on their performances of “OMG,” “ETA” and “Super Shy” as they matched NewJeans’ childlike innocence with such fervent enjoyment.


The overwhelming screams for Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha and Eunchae were a testament to LE SSERAFIM’s professionalism—as they delivered a charismatic performance by using the crowd as an embellishment to their captivating seven-minute stage. Known as one of the best performers of K-pop’s 4th Generation, the girl group channeled their unparalleled energy into staying firmly committed to their stage’s alluring theme, which can be seen how they performed “Perfect Night” and “Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard’s Wife” with such undeniably feminine energy.

6. Kim Jae-joong

Kim Jaejoong’s performance of his songs “One Kiss” and “Mine” was the perfect way to kick off the second part of the program, as he stepped onstage with such vigor that you could almost feel his excitement to finally perform at an awards event after so long. His passion to give justice to his songs is akin to his 20-year career which had an emotional run—you can’t help but crave for his presence to last longer.

7. The Boyz

Having a long intro will always be a make-or-break moment for K-pop groups—and The Boyz solidified their reputation as captivating performers through their minute-long dance performance. Shifting immediately from charismatic to horror-like, the K-pop boy group maintained their undeniable charisma as they did a sexier take of “Watch It” without losing the song’s groovy vibe. And it’s clear their five-minute set had their names on everyone’s lips as many of the audience members had to do a double take and check out the group once it ended.


In an industry now dominated by girl crush, the sextet is one of the groups that manage to combine feminine and youthful energy without losing what makes them stand out. Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J—who looked like Barbie dolls in their pink stage ensembles—demonstrated what it means to be fresh, girly and undeniably STAYC. For some outsiders who are not fond of cute concepts, the girl group succeeded in creating a fun spectacle with “Teddy Bear” and “Bubble,” which proved why they’re one to watch onstage.


Despite the absence of Lia, ITZY solidified their reputation as one of the most charismatic performers of K-pop’s 4th Generation with an alluring and commanding rendition of “Kill Shot” and “Cake.” Sealing the deal to their undeniable star power was the screams of fans the moment Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna stood onstage—even before kicking off their dance prowess. It takes an innate amount of star power to captivate the audience with a simple gaze or movement, and this powerful girl group is one of the chosen few.

10. KARD

Being a co-ed group in an industry full of girl and boy groups is a testament to KARD’s refusal to abide by K-pop’s standards. And their charismatic delivery of “Icky” and “Cake” is proof why they deserve to gain a solid footing in the Philippines and the K-pop fandom as a whole. The combination of breathtaking visuals, undeniable star power (even the way they make eye contact at the camera and at each other), and impactful confidence was just as mesmerizing as their music.

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