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Barbie turned woke

/ 12:08 PM July 27, 2023

Margo Robbie as Barbie. Image from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Margo Robbie as Barbie. Image from Warner Bros. Pictures.

So, I saw Barbie. Without question, this is a woke propaganda piece of a movie that is disguised to be seemingly innocent, unassuming, and a faithful depiction of Barbie. But given all the official trailers, marketing strategy, and that it uses the Mattel property Barbie–of all things–it is so far from it. Well, in any case, it is what it is, and there is no denying that.

I could not help but notice some of the moviegoers who got to watch this movie with their friends or family, and the look of confusion, irritation, consternation painted on their faces by what they had just seen after this abysmal movie was over.


How could the producers even have logically expected an otherwise reaction?


Barbie is the world’s most recognized doll and so many girls from past and current generations love playing with their collection of Barbie dolls. It is connected to their youth and formative years. For many generations, the Barbie doll has been a well-loved toy in their young lives, and many who are now adults have turned to collecting Barbie dolls as a hobby, and a way of reconnecting with their childhood memories.

But in this movie, I really do not know how the young moviegoers can comprehend it without going into some form of analysis, introspective thinking, and trying to dissect in their own little way what Barbie exactly stands for in this day and age when you have writers and filmmakers who can’t decide whether they love or hate Barbie. And that indecisive dichotomy and ambiguous approach only serve to confuse, upset, and frustrate this age demographic.

In this movie, they put Barbie through the wringer and put her in some uncomfortable situations here, and she was “educated” once she crossed into our own world. WTF!!!

Is this what you do to the human incarnation of the world’s most beloved doll?

Margo Robbie as Barbie. Image from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Margo Robbie as Barbie. Image from Warner Bros. Pictures.

This should have been called “Barbie in a Woke World” because that is what it is. This movie would have been so much better if it had taken the moviegoers into the world or reality of Barbie and stayed there instead of pulling her out of her own wondrous world only to force her to conform and adjust to the new norms and expectations that exist now in a lot of places in different countries.

For me, in an effort to slide in and insert a ton of socio-political themes through woke propaganda into this movie, it really hurt its fun factor and enjoyability. How in the realm of fantasy even can a movie entitled Barbie, which is supposed to be a live version of it, be so twisted and distorted into such a contortion of ugliness?


If this movie had been made in the 1990s or even the early to mid-2000s, it would not have turned out in this manner, for sure. At least you would have had filmmakers and writers who are real fans of the doll and would want to put out a movie that is as entertaining and enjoyable as it can possibly be without radically changing the mythos that surrounds the Barbie doll.

Go watch it and you would feel the same as to how they have destroyed and erased the mystique that the Barbie doll has had for so many generations!

It is terribly upsetting that the fictional onscreen character based on a most beloved toy line that Margot Robbie portrays here could not be more woke than she can be by the end of the movie. And that saddening result would infuriate a lot more people to see what Barbie has been turned into here. I refer to parents who now will have a lot of explaining to do–and not even know what and how to say it– to their own little princesses at home what has happened to their Barbie.

Little girls’ dreams to be like their beautiful Barbie doll, shattered.

Can you imagine if there was a live-action movie of another beloved toy line anytime soon? I bet they would all end up waking up or being the complete opposite of themselves. I mean, how many more toys, how many cartoons, and how many childhood memories must be ruined like this again?

This particular movie called Barbie should serve as a wake-up call for all the remaining normal, level-headed, discerning, talented, and young writers and filmmakers that they should always respect the mystique, lore, and legend of these timeless toys not only for the past generations that played with them but also for the current and future ones.

Now, let us get to the positives of this movie Barbie. The first is Margot Robbie. She is one of the most famous actresses in the world; that is why casting her to be the lead here was the right choice. Second is the marketing strategy, which was brilliant, although ultimately it was misleading. How I wish it fulfilled its promise as to what Barbie was going to be in her own solo movie. Third is the production design; the sets are fantastic, appealing to the eyes, and colorful in the world of Barbie. Fourth is that Margot Robbie was laser-focused when it came to her dialogue, monologues, and more emotional scenes. Fifth is that there were a few laughs here and there.

However, these five given positives are not enough to save Barbie from being a terrible movie.

This wokeness in Hollywood movies has to stop. It is not normal at all. A lot of movies with the promise to be great, memorable, and enjoyable for everyone have been wasted because of the woke movement in Hollywood.

A minimum of 100 million dollars was spent to make this movie. Barbie had a lot of potential only to be ruined by writers with a woke agenda in their minds.

Add Barbie to that list of casualties of the woke movement in movies.

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Do I recommend watching it? Absolutely not.


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