Marian Rivera’s stone, Robin Padilla’s sword: Why ‘Pinoy Pawn Stars’ creator invests in show biz mementos

Boss Toyo (right) and Buboy Villar (left) with the magical stone Marian Rivera used in 2009’s “Darna”

Boss Toyo (right) and Buboy Villar (left) with the magical stone Marian Rivera used in 2009’s “Darna”

The rapper and social media personality Boss Toyo is a staunch believer in local talent. So whenever he would see other people spending huge sums of money for items previously owned and used by foreign celebrities, he couldn’t help but wonder: Why not do the same for Filipino artists?

This inspired him to put up the popular YouTube series “Pinoy Pawn Stars.” Inspired by the American reality series “Pawn Stars,” Boss Toyo’s version is set in his own shop in Quezon City and shows his interactions—and how he haggles—with collectors and celebrities hoping to sell or pawn potentially valuable show biz-related items.

“Some people buy, say, items used by Michael Jordan or Travis Scott. Why not do the same with things owned by local artists who have been in the industry for decades or by artists who I think have the potential to be big in the future. I want to give importance to these items. That’s my purpose,” Boss Toyo said at a press launch as one of media company Blvck Rentertainment’s talents.

So far Boss Toyo’s collection includes the “magic stone” used by Marian Rivera in the 2009 television adaptation of “Darna”; rare Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos dolls; and the sword used in the comedy fantasy movie “Pandoy: Alalay ng Panday,” starring Joey de Leon.

Kris sword used by Robin Padilla in the 1994 action flick, “Mistah”

Signed by the stars

“I also bought the kris sword used in the film ‘Mistah’ from stunt director Val Iglesias. It’s signed by the stars, Sen. Robin Padilla and his brothers. And if Sen. Robin decides to run for higher office, it may even increase in value. So I almost don’t want to sell it,” he said.

“I also bought a jacket owned by John Roa (singer-songwriter and former Ex-Battalion member who has collaborated with Sarah Geronimo) for P70,000. Some people think I’m crazy for doing that. But I believe in his talent and I feel like he can be a big star one day,” added Boss Toyo, whose real name is Jayson Luzadas.

Asked what his other dream items were, he said he would love to have an outfit worn by his teen crush Ina Raymundo in “Sabado Nights.” Songwriters’ original drafts of hit songs would be nice additions. And why not the outfits worn by Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon when they announced their departure from TAPE Inc.?

Sometimes, it’s the celebrities themselves who go to his shop to sell their personal items. There was Buboy Villar, who played Ding in “Darna” (2009) who sold the said stone; former Hashtags member Nikko Natividad brought his contest trophies and plaques; Ping Medina offered a vintage miniature model of a Coca-Cola delivery truck; and Reg Rubio of the band Greyhoundz offered a basketball jersey he personally wore.

Vintage Nora Aunor dolls

New single

“Sometimes, celebrities visit me. It’s unscripted. Sometimes, we don’t agree with the prices and I want to offer them a lower price,” he related. “But sometimes, I get starstruck! Kamot-ulo na lang. But I see these as investments.”

Aside from “Pinoy Pawn Stars,” Boss Toyo also records hip-hop music, and recently released his new single, “Rap Lord,” under “Blvck Music.” “Some of my earlier releases were kind of naughty and had double meanings, but now I want to put out songs that can inspire and motivate other people,” he said.

Boss Toyo had a rough past: He rebelled against his adoptive parents, grew up on the streets, and went to rehab three times for past drug addiction. He has since turned over a new leaf: His YouTube channel now has over 400,000 subscribers, and his videos rack up millions of views.

“I’m not hiding my past. What’s important is the present and the future. I’m proud of what I have achieved. I have turned my life around. Aside from music and ‘Pinoy Pawn Stars,’ I also own restaurants, I’m a jeweler, I do podcasts,” he said.

“Despite my past, I have always dreamed of achieving success. And I did that little by little. It may take me years, but I will do it,” he added. “Gusto kong ipakita na pwedeng magbago. Pray for goals and then work hard. Do whatever it takes. You can do it.”


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