WATCH: Bianca King announces birth of first child, gives glimpse of baby’s face

Bianca King

Bianca King and her firstborn. Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Bianca King has returned to social media with the announcement that she and her non-showbiz husband Ralph Wintle have already welcomed their first child.

In her Instagram page on Wednesday, March 29, the actress made a video compilation that shows herself during the 32nd and 36th week of her pregnancy. The latter part of the video shows King carrying her newborn, apparently a month after she gave birth.

“I wish I shot myself at 41 weeks because I was so big but I was too lazy,” she said in the caption.

King gave more glimpses of her baby through her Instagram Stories as she asked fellow moms for breast-pump recommendations.

Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Fans and fellow celebrities sent their congratulatory greetings to King while expressing excitement to meet her firstborn, whose name has yet to be revealed to the public.

Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

King and Ralph, who are currently based in Australia, tied the knot at their home in Sydney in 2021. She announced her pregnancy in August last year, then took a break from social media last month to prepare for the arrival of her child.

Ralph is the brother of Ben Wintle, the husband of actress Iza Calzado, who also recently announced the birth of her daughter Deia Amihan.  /ra


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