Pokwang admits she lied about cause of split with Lee O’Brian: ‘Umasa akong aayusin pa niya’


Pokwang. Image: screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

An emotional Pokwang has broken her silence on the reason behind her split with Lee O’Brian, admitting she initially defended him in hopes they would still mend their relationship.

The comedian narrated how their misunderstanding rooted from a confrontation about their now-defunct business, PokLee products, through a tell-all interview for “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” on Friday, Feb. 3.

“Dumating ‘yung panahon na may mga questions na ako—I’m not saying na hindi siya mapagkakatiwalaan. Karapatan ko bilang partner mo sa negosyo na malaman kung nasaan na tayo, ano nang nangyayari,” she said. “Nagpapa-update lang ako sa kanya pero parang ang dating sa kanya… hinuhusgahan ko na siya agad.”

(There was a time when I had questions [but] I’m not saying that he cannot be trusted. It was my right as his business partner to know what was happening in our business. I was just asking him for an update but apparently, it appeared to him that I was questioning him.)

Despite this dispute, Pokwang said she covered up O’Brian’s shortcomings in a 2022 interview because she was hoping  they would still settle their misunderstandings for the sake of their daughter Malia. 

“Bilang isang ina, [umasa] ako na maayos pa kami kahit ang sakit-sakit na sa akin. Kailangan kong magsinungaling kasi umaasa akong aayusin pa niya,” she stated. 

(As a mother, I hoped for us to be OK even when the pain was overwhelming for me. I needed to lie because I was hoping he would still fix [our relationship].)

When asked what was the primary reason behind their split, Pokwang revealed, “Parang naramdaman kong nawala na ‘yung respeto.”

“Bago pa mangyari ‘yung confrontation namin sa negosyo, hindi na kami nag-uusap. We don’t exist to each other,” she continued. “Parang nabalewala lahat ng sinacrifice ko, ‘yung pagtatanggol ko sa kanya sa pamilya ko.”

(Even before the confrontation over our business happened, we were no longer talking to each other. We don’t exist to each other. It was as if all my sacrifices and effort in defending him from my family were all wasted.)

Pokwang disclosed that aside from her friends, her late mother Gloria was also against her relationship with O’Brian. During the interview, Pokwang apologized to her mother for not heeding the latter’s advice.

“Feeling ko hindi niya ko minahal talaga,” Pokwang declared, adding that she never received an apology or even flowers from O’Brian throughout their six-year relationship. (I feel like he did not really love me.)

She also recounted how she was hoping that O’Brian would come home to her and Malia amid claims that O’Brian was already seeing other women. Pokwang said that these claims were eventually proven to be true as Malia told the actress that she saw “a lady talking to [O’Brian] with the same color as [Pokwang’s] skin.”

“Hindi ako magsisinungaling, talagang mahal ko siya. Kaya lang sa mga lately na paghaharap namin, nakita ko na wala na,” Pokwang spoke of O’Brian and the possibility of them getting back together. (I will not lie, I really loved him. But based on our recent encounters, I saw that there is really no hope.)

Pokwang clarified that she did not file a case against O’Brian, but she is taking legal action to “take back” the social media accounts of Malia which are managed by O’Brian.

“Minahal kita. Lumaban ako para sa anak natin,” Pokwang then addressed O’Brian. “Kung sakaling ako pa rin ang magiging nanay ni Malia sa mga susunod kong buhay, lalaban pa rin ako para sa kanya.” (I loved you. I fought for our child. If I would still be Malia’s mother in my next life, I would still fight for her.)

After her interview with Abunda, Pokwang then spoke about restarting her life and being happy again with her daughters Malia and Mae, through the actress’ Instagram page.

Pokwang and O’Brian’s separation recently made headlines again after she revealed that O’Brian is in a new relationship and that the latter did not make an effort to “swallow his pride” for Malia. Pokwang also disclosed that she had provided for O’Brian when they were still together, adding he has not given child support to their daughter Malia since she was born.  /ra


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