Kris Aquino gets ‘renewed confidence’ after consultation with new doctor: ‘I have a strong chance of getting better’

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino. Image: Instagram/@markleviste

After several months of waiting, Kris Aquino finally had her first appointment with her new doctor who is “considered among the best,” and who gave the Queen of All Media hope that she has a ‘strong chance of getting better’ from her autoimmune diseases.

Aquino gave a glimpse of her first medical checkup as well as the surprise visit of her friend, Filipino designer Michael Leyva, through a video shown on her Instagram page on Thursday, Feb. 2.

“Little did I know, July of 2015, I’d make a lifelong, loyal friend and for kuya Josh [and] Bimb to have an adopted kuya,” she spoke of Leyva. “Thank you for the genuine love [and] extreme effort.”

Aquino then gave the public an update on her health as she expressed gratitude for the prayers for her, and for the “renewed confidence” that she will get better.

“I failed to ask his permission if I could name him, but my new doctor is considered among the BEST,” she stated. “I waited [three and] a half months to have a face-to-face consultation and I know I made the right choice because after months of uncertainty, he gave someone like me, suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions, the most important element needed: the renewed confidence to HOPE that although it will be a long process, I do have a strong chance of getting better.”

Aquino, who has been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, is currently in the United States with her sons for her medical treatments. The three of them earlier went to Disneyland, a trip the Queen of All Media had promised to her eldest son Josh.  /ra


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