Matet de Leon feels ‘betrayed’ by mom Nora Aunor: ‘Hindi kami mahal ng nanay namin’

Matet de Leon

Image: screengrab from YouTube/Matet de Leon-Estrada

Matet de Leon felt that she was “betrayed” by her adoptive mom Nora Aunor after the latter competed with her gourmet business, saying that the veteran actress does not really treat De Leon as her own child.

Matet recounted how she “hyperventilated” when Aunor sent photos of her new gourmet products, through De Leon’s YouTube live on Sunday, Dec. 4. Matet said she remained clueless why Aunor would pose as a competition to her daughter.

Matet also revealed that it was her brother Kenneth who told her to support their mom’s business and just resell her products. Matet and Kenneth, along with Lotlot and Kiko, are Aunor’s adoptive children with ex-husband Christopher de Leon. Actor Ian de Leon is the former couple’s only biological child.

“Para akong trinaydor. Ampon na ampon ‘yung pakiramdam ko ngayon,” she said. (I feel like I was betrayed. I really feel like I am just an adopted child right now.)

“Ang ibig sabihin lang nito, hindi talaga ako tinatratong anak. At ‘yung mga malalapit sa kanya, they also feel that mommy doesn’t love us,” she stated. “Hindi niya gagawin ito kung mahal niya kami. Ngayon ko lang na-realize talaga na hindi kami mahal ng nanay namin.”

(This just means that she really does not treat me as her own child. And those people close to her, they also feel that mommy doesn’t love us. She would not have done this if she loves us. I just realized now that our mother does not really love us.)

Matet disclosed during her live that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, stating that the current feud with her mom makes her condition worse.

While she claimed that she and her siblings went through a lot to pay “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude) to their mom, Matet opted not to expound to save Aunor from receiving criticisms from the public. Matet then got emotional as she admitted she doubts that she and her mom would mend their relationship.

“Parang hindi na [maaayos] kasi hindi ko alam kung paano mo magagawa ‘yan sa anak mo. Hirap na hirap kaming magkakapatid,” she said. “Paulit-ulit na lang.”

(It seems that our relationship couldn’t be fixed anymore because I do not know how [someone] can do such a thing to their own child. It’s really hard for us siblings. It’s a repetitive cycle.)

“Para kaming nakatali, para kaming nakabusal na sinasampal niyong lahat [na] wala kaming kwentang ampon,” she added. “Hindi namin masabi sa inyo ‘yung pinagdaanan namin kasi masisira si mommy.”

(It’s as if we’re tied up, mouths gagged while you are all telling us that we are ungrateful adoptees. We cannot tell you what we have gone through because it will ruin mom’s reputation.)

Aunor has yet to publicly speak up on the matter as of this writing. EDV


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