‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ to make jump to stage musical

extraordinary attorney woo netflix

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Image: Netflix via The Korea Herald

Television channel ENA’s courtroom series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will be adapted into a musical, EMK Musical Company announced Wednesday.

According to the company, three episodes from the 16-part series will be selected and turned into a musical.

“There were many attempts to reproduce hit drama series as musicals. But we always worry whether the long stories of TV dramas could be represented in two to three-hour stage performances,” Eom Hong-hyeon, CEO and chief producer of EMK, said in a press release Wednesday.

“Because every episode of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ has a clear storyline, I believe we can expand the original a little further in a musical,” Eom added.

The musical is scheduled to debut in 2024.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-baek, CEO of Astory, the production company behind “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” said he wants to continue the series with another season.

“We have confirmed that the screenwriter Moon Ji-won will work with us on a possible second season. Though the actors and distribution platforms have yet to decide, I hope to continue the amazing journey of Woo Young-woo with one more season, along with the webtoon and the musical adaptation,” Lee told The Korea Herald Wednesday.

The legal drama revolves around a rookie attorney named Woo Young-woo, who has an extraordinarily high IQ of 164 and is also on the autism spectrum.

After its premiere on June 29, the 16-part series soared to the number one spot on Netflix’s weekly viewership chart of non-English TV shows, released the first week of every month. JB


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