Sharon Cuneta asks for prayers for friend in ICU who suffered silent stroke

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta. Image: Instagram/@reallysharoncuneta

Sharon Cuneta reached out to fans and asked them to pray for her friend who is confined at the intensive care unit due to “silent stroke.”

The Megastar spoke about the condition of her friend who she opted not to name, and the grief Cuneta is still going through over the recent passing of veteran actress Cherie Gil, who is also her friend. Cuneta talked about this in a post on her Instagram page today, Aug. 17.

“After tita Fanny (Serrano) passed away, I was very, very afraid for Cherie and this one other friend who is also sick and who also means the world to me. I just found out that she is in the ICU now because of a ‘silent stroke,'” she said. “Please, please pray with me for her healing.”

Cuneta addressed God as she lamented the recent unfortunate events that have been happening one after the other. 

“Lord, kahit a few more years na lang po idagdag Niyo please sa buhay niya,” she stated. “Hindi ko na kaya. I am still in pieces over losing Cherie.”

(Lord, please add a few more years to her life. I cannot take this anymore. I am still in pieces over losing Cherie.)

“My faith is wavering and I don’t want it to be [but] this is just too much too soon. Wala nang pahinga ang puso ko sa sakit (My heart has been in constant pain),” she added. “Please, please pray for me…More than that, please pray for my friend.”

Meanwhile, Cuneta recently got “sick and disabled” after her United States concert tour with fellow singer Regine Velasquez. Cuneta also earlier reunited with her daughter, actress KC Concepcion, with whom she found comfort “during days of grieving.” JB


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