Morissette Amon recovering after confinement for diverticulitis, tests positive for COVID-19

Morissette Amon

Morissette Amon and her fiancé Dave Lamar. Image: Instagram/@davejlamar

Morissette Amon told fans that she is now recovering from diverticulitis, a colon-related infection, as well as from COVID-19, after she and her fiancé Dave Lamar tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Amon gave fans an update on her health through her Instagram page yesterday, Jan. 16. The singer disclosed that aside from contracting the coronavirus, she was also admitted to the hospital for confinement due to diverticulitis.

“For the past week, I was confined in the hospital since Sunday evening. Both [Dave Lamar] and I tested positive for [COVID-19] with mild flu-like symptoms, but I was admitted due to an issue in my colon called [diverticulitis],” she said.

Amon recalled how she had to take several medications which triggered her headaches and affected her food consumption. Fortunately, Amon has been discharged from the hospital and was allowed to continue her quarantine at home.

The singer then expressed her gratitude to Lamar for staying by her side throughout her hospital confinement, adding that she’s now feeling better and on her way to recovery.

“Thank God for DJ who was discharged earlier but stayed in the hospital room with me to keep me company. [We] would just play Pinoy Henyo ([because] it somewhat didn’t require me using a phone that also triggered my migraines) to pass the time,” Amon said. “I’m still on the road to recovery but feeling a whole lot better now.”

Other celebrities who offered their prayers and well-wishes to the singer were Ogie Alcasid, Christian Bautista, Kyla and John Prats.

Amon announced her engagement with Lamar through her Instagram page last December 2020, by showing a photo of them with the diamond engagement ring. Amon then looked back on how they are each other’s first love, referring to Lamar as her “answered prayer.” JB


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