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Movie review: ‘A Girl + A Guy’

/ 06:46 PM July 01, 2021


Rob Gomez and Alexa Miro. Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Reality Entertainment, Inc.

Director Erik Matti is one of the very best filmmakers in this industry as he continues to keep a pulse on the ever-changing taste of moviegoers, identifies and figures out what adjustments he has to do without compromising much of his signature directorial style. And perhaps the original entitled “A Girl + A Guy” which is produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and (Dondon Monteverde and Matti’s) Reality Entertainment, Inc. is one of Matti’s most brilliant movies to date. Certainly, this movie is one he can be proud of and rightfully add to his extensive resume.

Admittedly, my expectations were surpassed while I was watching “A Girl + A Guy” and that realization was not a gradual onset but a sudden one as this movie goes against the grain, right off the bat, of what more traditional moviegoers are normally accustomed to seeing in our local movies nowadays.

There is no fixed formula here. “A Girl + A Guy” has its own rhyme and reason, personal motivations, and operates in a manner that is non-traditional but is truly effective, engaging and smart nonetheless in making an impact on the moviegoer. Trust me when I say “A Girl + A Guy” is a feast for the senses. But more importantly, the technical aspects of the movie do not get left behind.

One example of what I am talking about is the constant switching of the first and third-person points of view, from the eyes of the titular main characters portrayed by Alexa Miro and Rob Gomez which I find praiseworthy.

As you are seeing from their own eyes what it feels to be in their own shoes, the trials they go through in their relationships, and every goal they have accomplished and fail to accomplish, you feel for them and can certainly relate. “A Girl + A Guy” is a diary of every young adult’s life in this day and age we live in. I have always found this method in storytelling to be more interesting, intriguing and captivating because this makes it a more immersive movie experience.

Another point I want to touch on is that there is a lot of context in this movie, self-reflective thoughts and narration from its main characters. This is their journey and we are here to watch everything in their lives, as they unfold.

Relative newcomers to the local entertainment industry, Miro and Gomez are a revelation in their performance. In fact, there is no point in beating around the bush in my assessment of their acting abilities. I will go straight to the point. They were fantastic! And this is the very first time I have used that word ever to describe an actor’s performance in my movie reviews.

'A Girl + A Guy' official movie poster

Image: Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Reality Entertainment, Inc.

I ended up asking myself, “Where did these actors come from?” For sure, after their showing here, they should be utilized more and taken more seriously. This movie will serve as their “stamp of approval” for being one the newest faces in showbiz to watch out for and hire immediately for well-made movies like this one, “A Girl + A Guy.”

Steamy, sultry and sexy are just some of the adjectives one can describe this movie but all of these descriptive words coincide with the fact that this is a very well-made movie on all fronts and not a mishmash of scattered ideas, half-baked thoughts and random concepts that only fail to come to fruition.

Definitely, “A Girl + A Guy” can be categorized as being experimental because there are a lot of ideas here that may seem far-fetched to the typical novice moviegoers who rarely venture out of their comfort zone in their choice of movies. But the best thing about this movie being experimental is that the ideas here work and only heighten the experience of anyone who will watch it.

It is one of those steamy, seductive, and all-out R-rated movies brimming with sophistication, technical expertise and brilliant filmmaking that come around once in a blue moon. So, that fact alone makes this movie a very significant one in its own right and definitely a must-watch for everyone over the age of 18.

“A Girl + A Guy” also stars Pau Benitez, Candice Ramos, Rosh Barman, Sarah Holmes, Carlo Tarobal, Emilio Francisco, Chloe Reyes, Roeder Camanag, Donna Cariaga and Marina Benipayo, and is produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Reality Entertainment, Inc.

“A Girl + A Guy” is now streaming and “steaming” on Go watch it!

Is this movie worthy of repeated viewings? – Yes

My overall movie experience – Excellent

My final score – 9/10


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