WATCH: Sarah Geronimo dances ‘fierce’ version of ‘Tala’

Sarah Geronimo (C) and backup dancers. Image: Facebook/

Sarah Geronimo performed her hit pop tune “Tala” with new steps during her concert with Regine Velasquez in Araneta Coliseum last Friday, Feb. 14. The 2015 song resurfaced years after its release, after celebrities and fans again picked up the unique dance moves for it. 

The singer began the “fierce” number in a long, red cape while she made her way to the foreground of the stage, as seen in Viva Entertainment’s Facebook post yesterday, Feb. 15.

She then thanked the audience for supporting her 2015 song before singing its first lines. Two of her backup dancers later helped her out of her long cape, revealing Geronimo’s red ensemble underneath.

More dancers joined Geronimo on stage as they showed off some new, fierce moves over electric beats, before dancing the popular routine of the song’s chorus. In between the track’s famous choreography, the singer and the dancers continued to exhibit fresh steps.

Many celebrities have taken on the challenge of dancing to Geronimo’s song since it resurfaced. Maine Mendoza, Arjo Atayde and Iza Calzado have displayed their moves when they picked up the track’s steps before. Aside from the local stars, Korean artists such as Sandara Park and the girl group Momoland have also joined the dance craze. JB


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