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Movie Review: ‘The Heiress’ – plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

/ 12:50 AM November 28, 2019

Movie Review: 'The Heiress' - plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

‘The Heiress’ main cast with Director Frasco Mortiz. Photo by Joseph R. Atilano

‘The Heiress’ takes its time in building up the tension, the sense of looming danger, and the extreme scares with its smart method of storytelling. It is methodical in its approach as it takes the moviegoer deeper and deeper into the world of the ‘Mambabarang’ and ‘Mamalarang’ in this masterfully made modern horror movie from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Tonally, it is similar to past horror classics from Regal Entertainment, Inc. There is its unmistakable signature style to it but it has been updated to the times now in terms of the way that ‘The Heiress’ has been crafted, put together, and meticulously made from scene to scene. There is a conscious effort to make ‘The Heiress’ appeal to today’s generation of moviegoers and it accomplished that.


The color treatment for ‘The Heiress’ is appropriate for a modern horror movie. There is that subtle touch of grey to its color treatment in specific scenes which reminds me of the classic horror movies of yesteryears.


The sound design of ‘The Heiress’ played a very pivotal aspect in establishing the psychology behind this movie’s ability to scare, frighten, and emotionally disturb the moviegoer. And it goes well beyond the usual creaky and knocking sounds that we have become so accustomed to hearing in horror movies as those heightened isolated sound effects are just but a small piece to this movie’s craftmanship which gives it its superior sound quality.

The original score of ‘The Heiress’ is that of international standards. It holds its own, it heightens the moviegoer’s experience, and it is quite remarkable for its effectiveness to further pull you into what is unraveling in front of you. This is the best and most fitting original score for a local horror movie I have heard, thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it as I was paying very close attention to every sequence, scene, and story arcs that were happening in ‘The Heiress.’

Movie Review: 'The Heiress' - plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

Maricel Soriano. Photo by Joseph R. Atilano

Movie Review: 'The Heiress' - plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

Sunshine Cruz. Photo by Joseph R. Atilano

Janella Salvador plays into her onscreen character of “Guia” effortlessly and seamlessly. As you watch “Guia” on the big screen, you will begin to believe that you are watching a real person and not a fictional character. The credit for that goes to Janella Salvador who proves once again she can do any role in any genre and ‘The Heiress’ is yet another feather to her cap.

Maricel Soriano gives a riveting, gripping, and strong performance as “Luna” the aunt of “Guia”. This is why she has rightfully earned the moniker of being called “The Diamond Star”. Maricel Soriano dazzles in how well she lived up to her role in ‘The Heiress.’ This is her best performance to date. Maricel Soriano can still go! No doubt, this is vintage Maricel Soriano… always at her best.

The directing style of Director Frasco Mortiz is that of one who knows exactly what he is doing. He knows when to smartly utilize and rely on close-up shots, wide-angle shots, and quick cuts… and when not to use them. The fluid and continuous shots in ‘The Heiress’ greatly contribute to keeping the focus of the moviegoer firmly attuned to what is going on in the scene. There is also a feeling of simplicity, a more grounded approach, and a very sincere attempt to get the most out of each shot which proves to be very effective in keeping the moviegoer’s attention riveted – almost entranced, I would say – throughout the entire movie. Clearly, Director Frasco Mortiz understands horror to its very core. He is a true student of the horror genre. After I got to watch the Red Carpet Premiere of ‘The Heiress’, I am convinced that Director Frasco Mortiz is the best young horror movie director in the country.

‘The Heiress’ is a true-to-the-bones horror movie. It is gruesome in some respects because only the scariest of horror movies can be described in such a manner. It is demonic. It is very disturbing in some scenes. It is so horrifying that it will make your stomach turn and make you gag at some extreme scenes.


‘The Heiress’ is a legitimate, authentic and pure horror movie that I have seen in years. I am amazed that in the year 2019 there could still be a horror movie that got me scared because admittedly, I have become quite desensitized with the many horror movies I have seen over the years. But ‘The Heiress’ is truly, truly scary.

Movie Review: 'The Heiress' - plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

Janella Salvador. Photo by Joseph R. Atilano

Movie Review: 'The Heiress' - plus my exclusive photos at the Red Carpet Premiere

McCoy De Leon. Photo by Joseph R. Atilano

‘The Heiress’ has blood, gore, and violence in it. Any horror fan and horror purist will be happy and proud to say he has watched a movie like ‘The Heiress’.

The ‘Mambabarang’ and ‘Mamalarang’ can be the next local horror icons. It is not hard to imagine that these two demonic entities become iconic in the world of Pinoy horror. You can add the ‘Mambabarang’ and the ‘Mamalarang’ to the list of popular and memorable monsters that have gained mainstream awareness and attention care of Regal Entertainment, Inc.

In ‘The Heiress’ there are those moments you would want to cover your eyes and just peek through your fingers, seeing how frightening and disturbing some scenes are in this movie. I am so happy to know that local horror movies have finally evolved and ‘The Heiress’ is undeniable proof of that.

Do you want to have a scary, frightening, and disturbing time in the cinemas? Go watch ‘The Heiress’ right now!!!

‘The Heiress’ is indeed horror as horror can possibly be without getting the X-rating. I am lucky to have been able to watch a movie like this made in my life once again.

Truly, ‘The Heiress’ is extreme horror to the core.

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My score for ‘The Heiress’: 10/10

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