Feel-good twist for KZ Tandingan’s groovesome ‘Imposible’

Tandingan (right) and Shanti Dope

KZ Tandingan’s single “Imposible,” culled from her sophomore collection “Soul Supreme,” isn’t just notable for its funky, groovesome musicality.

There’s something about its feel-good thematic optimism, gorgeously brought to life by the neon haze of its dreamy music video, that makes it even more distinctive as it tells the story of a woman who’s at the tail end of nursing a debilitating heartbreak.

If you’re looking for music to help you get over a particularly hurtful breakup, this is the OPM to stream on a loop.

In the Gabriel Tagadtad-penned, Jonathan Manalo-produced song-and-rap ditty, KZ essays the journey of a woman scorned, weeks after she accepts the demise of her failed romance with finality.

Other than the sultry allure of KZ’s idiosyncratic runs, giving the song a more radio-ready vibe is hip-hop star Shanti Dope rapping the remorseful guy’s perspective as he pleads for a second chance.

KZ Tandingan

The romantic upheaval comes after she gets wind of the source of her two-timing squeeze’s annoying distraction: At nalaman ko/ Nadulas ang barkada mo/ May pinupuntahan ka raw sa may Baclaran.

Empowered by the idea of a less miserable future, she plucks up the courage to put her duplicitous man in his place.


As with other romantic tales that go to pot, her wise realization doesn’t come easily, however: Parang ayoko na/ Ayoko na nga/ Huwag magmakaawa/ Wala kang mapapala/ Wala na akong balak magbalik at lumuha.

But her unexpected “freedom” also comes with the promise of a better day: Tapos na ang kabanata/ Pagbukas ng bintana/ Nakadungaw [ang] mga tala.

Now that’s a woman after our own heart!