FDCP workshop series focuses on neglected aspect of filmmaking

TARA Illenberger

“EDITING makes or breaks a film. It has the power to make a bad actor act well, a bad director direct well, and a bad writer write well.”

This was according to Charliebebs Gohetia, one of the speakers in a series of film editing workshops that will be held in all Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Cinematheques across the country this month and in September.

“Editing, or the whole postproduction process, is the most neglected aspect of filmmaking,” Gohetia told the Inquirer. “Most filmmakers limit their sights up to the principal photography thinking that filmmaking ends there. The truth is that editing is just the start of it. This is where the final product—or what people will see on screen—is actually formed.”

The workshop series is organized by the FDCP, in partnership with the National Film Archives of the Philippines and the Film Asean.

“I’m pleased that FDCP has finally come up with an editing workshop, because editors are considered the second directors, the storytellers of the film,” Gohetia pointed out.

The director of “I Love You, Thank You,” which won honorable mention at the recent 2016 Rio Festival of Gender and Sexuality in Cinema, will partner with Carlo Francisco Manatad for the workshop to be held at the Cinematheque Center in Ermita, Manila, from Sept. 21 to 25.

Of the many topics, course instructor Tara Illenberger said she wanted to focus on “narrative storytelling.” Illenberger is a speaker at the workshop to be held from Aug. 24 to 28 at the Cinematheque Iloilo.

“I noticed that even those in the provinces are capable of coming up with good-quality videos because they have access to sophisticated equipment. But most of them are used to doing weddings—and that’s a different ball game.


“Their output may be great for a three-minute video, but let’s look at what they can do for 10 to 20 minutes, or even for an hour,” said the multiawarded film editor and director.

Other speakers include: Abbie Lara, a seasoned editor for television (“I-Witness”) and documentary films, at Cinematheque Baguio, from Sept. 7 to 11; Bagane Fiola and Willie Apa, seasoned cinematographers and indie filmmakers (“Sonata Maria”), Cinematheque Davao, Sept. 14 to 18; and Zurich Chan, an indie filmmaker and film editor (“Teoriya,” “Boca” and “Trails of Water”), Cinematheque Zamboanga, Sept. 14 to 18.

Deadline for submission of application forms is three days before the respective workshop start-date. Visit www.fdcp.ph for more details.

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