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Film highlights Filipino workers’ woes in Israel

Filipino independent film director Hannah Espia, who directed and co-wrote the film "Transit" poses at the Cultural Center of the Philippines where her film is being shown in the country's Cinemalaya film festival in Manila. AP

A film about Filipino migrant workers in Israel who hide a four-year-old boy to try to stop his deportation has hit close to home in the Philippines, where such emotional dramas are all too familiar to millions of overseas laborers and their siblings.

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For Filipinos et al., Jessica Sanchez is 2012 AI

Jessica Sanchez AP PHOTO

In a new fan craze called “Fanchez”, Jessica Sanchez supporters worldwide have described her journey through Season 11 of American Idol as iconic. Filipino Americans have described the pride and solidarity Filipinos have thrown behind her as “parang si Manny Pacquiao.”

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Conspiracy theories surround ‘American Idol’ voting

Jessica Sanchez. Fox Photo

Filipinos around the globe are up in arms: Jessica Sanchez was nearly ousted from “American Idol.”

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