Gretchen Barretto recalls being told she ‘looks like fish’ after lip procedure

Gretchen Barretto recalls being compared to fish after lip enhancement

Gretchen Barretto. Image: screengrab from YouTube/Dr. Aivee

Gretchen Barretto admitted that she was once fixated on making her lips as plump as Angelina Jolie’s, so that she insisted on having lip procedures even when her doctor was against it.

Barretto spoke about this with her dermatologist, celebrity doctor Aivee Teo, as seen in a vlog on the latter’s YouTube channel on Thursday, June 20.

The two of them had the conversation with Aivee’s husband, Dr. Z Teo, and friends while Barretto was giving a small tour of her house during an intimate gathering she hosted.

Barretto and Aivee recounted how their friendship started 17 years ago when the celebrity doctor would go to the actress’ house and personally do her cosmetic procedures. They later became closer and Aivee would always go to Barretto’s place to hang out.

“We do all the treatments. Oh my God—and my lips!” Barretto said, eliciting laughter among their group. “The days of my lips!”

“I wanted to be like Angelina Jolie. I’m like, ‘No Aivee, bigger!’ [Then] she’d say, ‘No, you can’t have it.’ [I’m like], ‘Please, please!'” Barretto further recalled.

Aivee said Barretto was so committed to the idea of having a Jolie-inspired lips that the actress would tell her, “More, more!”

“‘You can’t leave until you make my lips like Angelina’s,'” Barretto told Aivee at the time.

Barretto then pouted her lips exaggeratedly and said, “Lumaki nang lumaki. The people were like, ‘She looks like a fish.’ But I loved it!”

Aivee, who was admittedly unhappy over the outcome of Barretto’s lip enhancements then, said, “Siya naman ang may gusto. Alam mo naman si Gretch ‘pag may gusto siya, ‘Go! More!—’pag na-obsessed siya.”

Just recently, Barretto visited Aivee’s clinic and underwent skin tightening and lifting treatments, quipping she could now be called “Ms. Lifted.”