Krishnah Gravidez tapped to join Miss World Philippines 2024 since April

Krishnah Gravidez tapped to join Miss World PH 2024 pageant as early as April

Krishnah Gravidez (center) receives her sash from reigning Miss World Philippines Gwendolyne Fourniol (right) and national director Arnold Vegafria./ARMIN P. ADINA

Krishnah Gravidez created quite a buzz among Filipino pageant fans earlier this month when she withdrew from the international Miss Charm competition, only to be seen as an official candidate of the Miss World Philippines pageant a day after the announcement was made. But the Baguio lass said the decision was not made in haste.

“It may seem so abrupt. But it’s not last-minute. It was months. I remember [it was in] April when I was tapped by the AP (accredited partner) of Baguio, and then I waited for a few months after. It’s not something that’s a last-minute decision,” she clarified with at the sidelines of the national pageant’s press presentation in Parañaque City on Saturday, June 15.

“I said [to] wait for a minute because I’m waiting for the other international pageant that I was supposed to join. But when I decided a couple of months ago, I’ve been gathering opinions of the people who matter to me, my friends, my family,” Gravidez shared.

She said she weighed the different positions she gathered, and also took into consideration the pageant fans. “But when I had a deep reflection, I knew that I am more aligned with the Miss World brand. And I can’t wait to unveil all of the works that I have done for the past few years in this stage. So I’m very excited for it,” she continued.

Gravidez was crowned Miss Charm Philippines after finishing in the Top 3 of the 2023 Miss Universe Philippines pageant, inheriting the national title from Annabelle McDonnell, who was first runner-up in the inaugural staging of the Miss Charm pageant in Vietnam in February last year.

But more than a year with her national title, Gravidez was still left waiting for the Miss Charm pageant’s organizer to announce the details of the contest’s second edition expected to be held this year. She has also already relinquished her crown to Cyrille Payumo, a Top 10 finalist in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant held last month.

Observers surmise that Gravidez’s decision to join another national pageant is a risky move, because there will be no guarantees that she will again receive the opportunity to represent the country in an international competition. But she said she has become the woman that she is now because she has always followed her gut.

“At the age of 14, I took risks as an eldest daughter,” said Gravidez, who got into several jobs, selling food and used clothing, and as a fast-food service crew to help her family survive. “I feel like when I recognize that I am capable, up until now I carry that value,” she said.

“So joining in this competition, of course it’s a risk, I have to start over again. But I trust myself, my experience, my capabilities, and also the team that I am working with. So I feel, like, with the trainings that I have had for the past few months, I am well equipped for this competition. And I can’t wait to show the whole world what I can offer,” she continued.

Gravidez said that even with her vaunted showmanship, she still is trying to improve her performance every day. Her impressive command of the stage at the Miss Universe Philippines pageant earned for her the “Best in Swimsuit” award, and received rave reviews for her walk in the gown segment.

But she also added: “I know that I realized that my purpose goes beyond myself. I know that now I am more intentional about what I wanna do, how I wanna do it, and who are the people I’m standing for. I feel that that is a profound purpose that I’ve realized. So that is something that I will use as a tool for this competition.”

Gravidez is among the 35 aspirants competing in the 2024 Miss World Philippines pageant. The winners will be crowned at the coronation show at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City on July 19. Aside from the main title, two more crowns are at stake—Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas and Miss Philippines Tourism.