ABS-CBN talents share how their strict dads are also softies

Kyle Echarri (left) with dad Joe

Kyle Echarri (left) with dad Joe—CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

More often than not, fathers are perceived as the disciplinarians of the family, the “bad cop” to mom’s “good cop.” We asked a few ABS-CBN talents if this was the case and were pleasantly surprised at their replies.

Kyle Echarri, who is one of the young stars in the ensemble cast of “Pamilya Sagrado,” said that his father rarely scolded him when he was growing up. “He only did when he was 100 percent sure that he knew more about the topic than I did,” Kyle said.

When he was first learning to drive and taking his motorcycle out on the road, Kyle became a bit overconfident. “[My dad] made sure I didn’t stay that way. I believe it was totally justified [when he reprimanded me] because he wants me to be safe at all times, especially in a sport that he introduced me to.”

That’s one of the reasons why he looks up to his father and considers Dad to be his “biggest and only role model” in life.

“My biggest goal ever since I was a kid was to take care of my family one day the way he and my mom take care of us. I am blessed to have been raised by two amazing parents and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.”

Vivoree (right) with dad Jun


Importance of honesty

Singer Vivoree Esclito is a singer, actress and TV personality. She learned the importance of honesty after her father chastised her when she used the money she had been given to buy something else.

“I have this vivid childhood memory of my mother asking me to buy condiments from a sari-sari store, but I used the money to buy snacks for myself. My father found out about it and told me that wasn’t right. I realized what I did was wrong and learned to be honest as I grew older,” Vivoree recalled.

“If in the future I am blessed with a family of my own, I want a household full of love and kindness. My father is a selfless man and he works so hard to provide for our needs. He makes even the simplest food the best I’ve ever tasted because I know it’s always made with love. Even when he has nothing left for himself, he’d give the last bit to us,” she added.

Kira Balinger (right) with dad Tony


Actress and model Kira Balinger’s most recent screen role was in “Chances Are, You and I.” She learned the value of patience and of being slow to anger from her dad.

“I remember once being deeply hurt and wanting to lash out at the people who had hurt me. My Dad taught me that there was no benefit in fighting fire with fire as it only makes things worse,” Kira said.

Difficult lesson

“When we speak or act when we’re angry, we say or do things that we don’t really mean. My Dad taught me that things are best resolved when I’m calm. It was a difficult lesson to learn,” she added.

Fresh from his recent best supporting actor win at this year’s Famas awards for his role in “In His Mother’s Eyes,” LA Santos recalled how his stepfather would always get mad at him when he didn’t accompany his baby sister or pick her up when she goes out. “Because of this, I learned to protect my sister and everyone I love from harm,” LA said.

LA Santos (left) and stepdad Ronaldo


Future kids

His Dad also has a soft side, one that LA said he wants to emulate. “I always try to bring a smile to people’s faces especially when they are down. When the time comes and I get to be a father myself, I know I will enjoy making my children, my family laugh.”

We then asked them to share other lessons they learned from their father that they will teach their future kids. “My Dad always taught me that if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, there’s no point in doing it: You only live once,” Kyle said.

“Be grateful for every blessing you receive. Things like waking up each day and having food to eat are already blessings,” Vivoree said.

“I will teach my kids to just enjoy life and always choose to be kind,” LA said.