Judy Ann Santos shares reasons for learning to cook

Judy Ann Santos shares reasons for learning to cook

Judy Ann Santos —CONTRIBUTED Photos

Actress Judy Ann Santos has long been a foodie and she openly shares her passion with fans. On her YouTube channel, “Judy Ann’s Kitchen,” where she has over 1.8 million followers, the aproned celebrity prepares dishes ranging from creamy one-pot chicken to her most recent one, crispy patang inadobo sa puti and ginataang munggo.

Judy Ann also recently opened a second branch of her Angrydobo in Taft, Manila. The first is located at Westgate Center in Alabang.

Her interest in cooking has long been there, but her reason for completing a culinary course at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies almost 20 years ago was more personal.

“I wanted to show my daughter Yohan that even if I didn’t graduate from college, I was still able to complete this course. I did this for her,” Judy Ann said.

The hands-on mom of three said that she and her husband Ryan Agoncillo make it a point to spend time with each of their children. Asked how she balances family time with her different commitments, she said it’s a combination of good time management and Ryan’s support. “It’s really important to schedule things. I also include time off for me so I can rest but spend time with each of them. I’m the one who wakes them up for school and makes their baon. I insert little notes as well,” Judy Ann said.

When she found out that her kids actually look forward to the notes, she felt that she was “doing something right.”

“Even if I get wrinkles or eyebags, I still choose to wake up early. Hindi ako nakakaramdam ng pagod.”

Santos (right) with David Licauco and Barbie Forteza

Comfort food

It’s a given that she often cooks for her family, but if she were to cook for herself, she’d choose sinigang na ulo ng salmon. “It’s my favorite, my comfort food especially now when it’s raining. With a dipping sauce of patis, sili and kalamansi … I’m ready to eat now,” she joked, before standing up as if she was about to leave.

Judy Ann also shared a few tips for those just learning how to cook. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you can still eat it. Sometimes, the food gets scorched or you find the pork you were boiling has stopped bubbling—you learn, you evolve. It’s totally fine to make mistakes.”

Aside from updating her YouTube channel that now has 163 videos, the actress will be starring in a horror film directed by Chito Roño for the Metro Manila Film Festival later this year.

“This will be my first movie in five years, and my first time to do a horror movie again in 20 years,” she said.